Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th October 2017 Written Episode Update : Amaji and daddy see Tiwari dressed in sari and slap him.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Uncle says what all is this,Vibhu says I’m playing Anu and she is playing Vibhu,uncle says what gender change,and tears the will,and says with great difficulty I got this but you changed gender and so I got to get a new one and leaves,Anita starts crying.

Amaji and daddy reach Tiwari house in Pelu auto,daddy says whatever it may be Tiwari is Anguris husband and does a lot for her, he may have a lingerie business and I feel so guilty for insulting him,and me and puthan have hit him so many times but he never back answered and it’s all your principles and teaching,Amaji says thank you,let’s call him,daddy says today I shall go in and hug him and also kiss him,Amaji says ok let’s go,daddy has a drink,Amaji gives wired look,daddy says let’s go.


walks in Tiwaris clothes and shouts Pagli Anguri come out,Tiwari walks out in saree,Anguri says Pagli come here,You looking so beautiful,come close to me,I’m so romantic today,Tiwari says I’m blushing,and runs and dashes daddy,daddy and Amaji shocked.

Daddy says I’m sorry Amaji and slaps Tiwari,and leaves,Tiwari says ama,Amaji slaps Tiwari and leaves. Tikka Tilu Saxena waiting for Saxenas task,tikka says that mad saxenas task god knows,even after being useless we have to give these tests,Saxena says so the tasks are arranged and the one who wins will marry Gulfamkali and one who finds cheating will be thrown out,Tilu asks what’s the task,Saxena says so the birthday cake you know it right,you have to aim it right on Happus face.
Gulfamkali walks in with arti and performs their arti and wishes them luck

A girl walks to Happu Singh,Happu says so Sunita how are you,she says actually I wanted to say something to you,Happu says did you fail again in eight,don’t worry I will manage,she says no I’m thrown out of school long back,the thing is and blushes, some boys eye tease me,Happu says you telling me now,they would be in jail long back,my terror is everywhere,and malkhan throws cake right at Happus face,and hides.

Tilu aims,Happu says looks like a bird shit,Tilu throws right at Happus face,Sunita starts laughing again,Tilu says Gulfamkali is mine now and hides,tikka aims,Happu says looks like my friends are in prank mood who it is,tikka throws right in Happu face and hides,Sunita leaves laughing,Happu asks who it is,Saxena walks to Happu tastes the cream and says I like it.

Mintu classes,mintu asks did you all complete the task,master and Vidya still in the getup,master says I felt a women is better than man,she has so much emotions,Vibhu says he has hidden women,Tiwari says go get gender changed. Mintu says calm down and asks Tiwari how was your experience,Tiwari says we had just began and my AMA and her daddy came in and slapped me,Anguri says when I was Tiwari,I felt I have no romance and just think about business,Tiwari says what nonsense,Vibhu says you don’t give her time,Tiwari says mind your business.

Mintu says silence and asks Vibhu,Anita says we kept fighting,Vibhu says I felt I’m very arrogant women,Anita says and I felt like jobless man,mintu says the romance in you all is in last stage like almost dead,Anita says we know it,help us bright up,mintu says we need spark,and there’s a task for it,Vibhu says no ways,Tiwari says yes,Anita says mintu go ahead,mintu says you shall romance eachothers wives,and candle light dinner,Vibhu and twist I very Happy,Anguri and Anita shocked.vibhu says what is this mintuji and starts blushing,Tiwari says yes this won’t,Anita says yes I cant romance anyone else,Anguri says me neither,mintu says then forget romance.

Vibhu says then I shall,Tiwari says then me too.anita asks what’s the the logic,mintu says what’s your favourite vegetable,Anita says aloo mattar,mintu says and if I give you everyday then,Anita says I will be bored,mintu says then you know it,Anita says okay but this is just an act,mintu says yes,and master and Vidya,what will you do,Vidya says I have arrangements I don’t know about him.

Saxena says so boys how did you do first task,tikka says very well to the point,malkhan says I feel the same,Tilu says I’m confident too,Saxena says please die,you were very inefficient,it was so easy task,Tilu says we did hit,Saxena says there was no impact and malkhan you have such good body but there was no impact shame on you.

Saxena says the next task is,Tilu and tikka 1 point and malkhan minus five,and if you don’t perform you will be eliminated,Saxena says so the next task is you have to shave happus half moustache.

Pre cap : Anguri and Vibhu, Anita and Tiwari, candle light dinner. Vibhu asks what do you see in my eyes,Anguri says dust didn’t you wash your face properly.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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