Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Tiwari at night and says today if anita comes again then I will enjoy my life. Tiwari says its time that anita comes, Tiwari says I will tell anita what I think about her in sleep. Anguri comes, Tiwari says she came now only. Anguri says what happened? Tiwari says nothing and just had some stomach problem. Anguri says I will give you moms medicine. Tiwari says no and I get gas. Anguri says but I am worried, Tiwari thinks if anita comes everything will be messed. He tells anguri to go. Anguri says no I am worried, Tiwari scolds and anguri goes.
There anita comes walking from home. Tiwari says yes she finally came, he opens the gate and says yes come in and I was waiting. Anita goes jogging. Tiwari says what happened and he runs behind her.
There vibhu

dresses up in a space suit. He goes and picks ladder and climbs the room and goes at the window. There he calls anguri, and tells my rocket is standing at the street corner and give me curd sugar fast. Anguri feeds him sugary curd and vibhu is happy and says okay what should I bring for u from the moon? Anguri says bring its mud. Vibhu says okay. He climbs down and goes. There towari and anita are jogging. Anita is sleep jogging and she stops and does exercises. Tiwari says I will propose to her, he proposes 3 times, anita goes home again. Tiwari says I hope she never gets fine and I will propose to her everyday.
There anita goes in room and vibhu is changing his space suit, he says oh my god and says I was just playing astronaut. Anita goes and sleeps. Vibhu says her illness came back and that’s good for me.
Next day tika and malkhan say that this hole is taking 2 days to dig. Tika says yes as we are anyway humans. Happu comes and is speaking on phone then he keeps the phone. He tells tika malkhan what stupid work are they doing? Tika says atleast they are working and not like him. Vibhu comes and says why are u disturbing them happu? Happu says not disturbing but just asking them. Vibhu says why are u asking? Happu says its useless to talk to u. vibhu says then don’t talk, he takes some mud, happu says why did u take this? Vibhu its my earths and my colonys mud and I will keep it home.
There anguri is working in kitchen, vibhu comes. Anguri says how was his moon mission? and did he bring the mud? Vibhu says yes and he gives it to anguri. Anguri says it is just like earths mud. Vibhu says yes and be it any planet or moon their mud is almost same. anguri says wow that’s nice. Vibhu says that this mud has a lot of power and add it in tiwaris food and milk and he will be very stong. Anguri says yes ofcourse and I will add it. Anguri says if u ever go on sun then bring me suns mud too. Vibhu goes saying if he goes on sun he will turn into mud.
There Tiwari takes doctor at anita house. Anita says yes come in. doctor checks her pulse and hand and says since when do u have this illness? Anita says since before marriage. Doctor says there is one thing u can do and my wife had this illness and u just have to take 1 peg whiskey 1 peg vodka 1 can beer and 3 to 4 shots of tequila and if so much cocktail goes in ur body then u will sleep by becoming unconscious but your illness will go. Tiwari says what is this stupidity and what kind of solution is this? Anita says you are a doctor and give me a good solution. Doctor says there is no solution for this in medical science.but I can call some guruji if u believe in black magic. Anita is shocked and looks at doctor. Tiwari says get up and he takes him out. Anita says who made this guy a doctor?
At night anguri and vibhu who is in the space suit are looking at moon, vibhu says lets eat this tea and mutter. Anguri says no this is for ur journey for the moon and it will take a lot of time so eat this. Vibhu says no it wont and I will reach in just 15 mins. Anguri says what and America is far from here and it takes 25 hrs to reach there then moon will take more time. Vibhu says can u see America? Anguri says no and vibhu says can u see moon? Anguri says yes. Vibhu says then which is farther? Anguri says oh yes America is. Vibhu says yes you are very intelligent and moon is near. There anita comes jogging in sleep. Anguri says see anita, vibhu says stay quiet. Anita goes. Anguri says what happened to her? Vibhu says actually she has a problem of walking in sleep so she does that. Anguri says then show her to doctor. Vibhu says yes I showed and leave that we will get result tomorrow. He tells lets drink tea and muttry. Anguri says when will the rocket come and I want to see, vibhu says I will call and ask, vibhu does some drama on phone and then keeps phone and tells actually there is a lot of air traffic so the rocket wont come today and it will come tomorrow and I will show it to u tomorrow. Anguri says okay, they bothe drink tea and eat mutter.

Precap: anguri tells vibhu is an astronaut to Tiwari. There vibhu introduces an alien to anguri who is from moon. Its actually a man dresses as alien.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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