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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with malkhan and tika at the tea stall. Saxena comes at the stall and asks them what happened. Saxena tells malkhan that he has a medicine. Tiwari comes. Tiwari sits on the stall whereas saxena asks him how was the medicine. Tika interrupts that maybe anguri kicked him out. Tiwari slaps tika. They both run away. then tiwari tells saxena he did not sleep whole night. Saxena says he knew that medicine would work. Then tiwari tells not because of that but anguri was reading the poem so he could not sleep. Saxena says if she is learning english then why is he not letting her learn english and he is such a useless man. Tiwari slaps him and goes. Saxena says i like it.
At home, anguri is reading the poetry. Tiwari comes. He sits and listens to the way anguri is reading

the poem. He asks her that has she made food atleats now. She tells that she has ordered burger and that she has kept for him. He gets angry and says that is not food. Then he tells her that she will never learn english. Anguri gets sad and tells not to understeam her. He tells angrily its underestimate. Then he tells her that if she learns the poetry twinkle properly then he will become her servant. Anguris says she will learn properly and make him her servant.
At night, vibhuti anita are sleeping at 3 am in night when anguri calls on vibhus phone. It rings a lot. Anita makes vibhu pick the phone. Anguri tells him that she wants to learn the poem now and please teach him. Vibhuti makes a cry baby face nd says to himself that its 3 am. Then he tells her please not now and he will teach her tomorrow. Anguri cries and tells please teach him now. Then vibhuti says ok and goes out and says that poem loudly in english but a neighbour hears it and shouts him. He tells anguri crying that he will teach her tomorrow. Anguri says ok.
In the morning the bell of the house is rung. Anita tells vibhuti when they are sleeping to go and open the door as the milkman must have come. But then anguri shouts from the door that proffesor please teach me. Vibhuti gets up in a shock and tells anita please save me and he cant teach her english and he will die from that. He tells anita to go and tell anguri that he has gone out.anita telms anguri but anguri then cries and says she wants to prove tiwari and please help her. Anita says ok and tells she had lied and that vibhu is in the room. Vibhuti sees this hidden from the room and he jumps out of the balcony and falls in the rickshaw of pelu on pelu’s lap. Anita and anguri come in the room and they find him but cant see him. Anita says she will get ready and they will go to find vibhuti.
Anita and anguri go and ask saxena malkhan tika and happu singh that have they seen vibhuti. They all say no. Then anita tells bappu dingh to please find him. Saxena says i like it. Anita tells everyone to find vibhuti. They all go to search him.
At home anita and anguri are sitting.anguri is sad and says she wants to learn english and please let her professor come back. Then tiwari comes. Anita ignores him and shows anger to him. Tiwari tells why is she angry. Anita tells he is not letting anguri learn english so she is angry. Anguri tells anita that let it be and dont shout tiwari. Then the house bell rings.
Anguri says maybe professor has come. Tiwari opens the door and happu singh comes with vibhuti with his hands cuffed. He brings him in. Anita looks at him and anguri tells him please teach her english. Vibhuti makes a cry baby face and tiwari taunts him that did his professorship come down now. Vibhuti cries. Then he telms anita that he is not capable of teaching anguri and that he is sorry.

Precap: vibhuti is dressed as professor and tells the whole town that he has taught anguri englihs. Anguri then speaks a few verses and anita and tiwari get happy and anita praises vibhuti as he taught her english. Then anguri says that the people in the town are fools. Vibhuti and the whol town look at anguri astounded.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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