Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anita dancing in her house. Tiwari comes from behind and dances behind anita. Anita is shocked and says what have you come for? Tiwari says he brought a diamond ring of 50krs for anguri and please check it. Anita checks it and says that yes its a diamond ring. Tiwari says yes. Anguri comes and says lets go tiwari and where were you? She sees the rinsg and says wow its beautiful and did vibhu buy it? Vibhu comes. Anguri asks did you buy this ring? Vibhu is ashamed. Anita says no and tiwari has bought this ring for u. Anguri is happy. Tiwari mocks vibhu and says he is jobless. Anguri says dont trouble this man and lets go.
At tea stall tika and malkhan are reading newspaper having the list of swiss bank account holder. Tika says because if these people we are poor.

Vibhu is there and says what happened? Tika shows him the paper. Vibhu read a name V.Narayan too. He thinks i can make this identity and tells anguri i have money in swiss bank.
At anguris kitchen, vibhu goes and is acting like calling someone. He says i need a cbi officer and keeps the phone. Anguri says cbi officer for what? Vibhu tells i have 5000crore in my swiss bank account and my name has come in the list of black money holders. Anguri sees the papaer and says yes its right and you are so rich. Vibhu says yes and goes.
At home anguri calls mom and asks her if she knows any cbi officer? Mom says no and asks why? Anguri tells her about vibhu having an account in swiss bank. Momsays no she doesnt know any. She keeps the phone. Laddo comes and says he knows his friends dad is a cbi officer. Anguri says that is good and says that find out his name.
At home tiwari goes and is talking with anita when anguri comes and tells them about vibhus swiss bank account. Abita says what and is it true? Anguri says yes she saw in the paper his name. Anita says okay thanks.
At night, anita is in her room. Vibhu comes and anita says when will you tell me about your bank account? Vibhu says you know about everything. Anita says you didnt tell me about the swiss bank account. Vibhu says i dont have any. Anita tells him that anguri told her about everything and dont lie. Vibhu says no its not true. Anita says if u dont bring 20 crore cash tomorrow then you will not come home. Vibhu says from where will i bring? Vibhu says to himself that anguri has spread all shit and what do i do now. He goes down. There he is angry in frontyard and thinks what to do? Pelu comes and gives him chit saying i heard you have a swiss bank account. Vibhu says how didyou know? Pelu says the whole colony knows now about you. Vibhu says what and says in mind that its a misidentity and i did it to impress anguri and tells him to get lost. Vibhu says to himself that now the cbi will catch me. Tiwari hears this and calls the cbi.

Precap: tiwari and a cbi officer are at vibhus doorstep. At anguris kitchen vibhu says to anguri why did you tell everyone and now i will be arrested. Anguri pushes vibhu back.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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