Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with, anguri tells tiwari that she is doing it for sake of tiwaris future, tiwari runs behind anguri but anguri doesn’t allow him to touch, tiwari tries to vow her but anguri denise and seeing that tiwari is being very impatient she asks him to wash hands, tiwari says if u are going to allow me to touch u I can even take a bath, tiwari goes in bathroom and anguri locks it from outside and says this is for ur good, so good night.tiwari asks anguri to open the door but she doesn’t.
Vibhu changes the small plant into bigger, next morning anguri opens the bathroom door, tiwari gets angry and sleeps on bed and says u spoiled the whole night, anguri says I had no option, and u know if u don’t touch me u will be a big garbage minister, tiwari says what nonsense is

this who told u, anguri thinks if she tells its jhole baba tiwari wont listen so says amaji told me and now go get ready, tiwari says no I wont, anguri says I will give u nice massage if u bath, tiwari gets in bathroom and anguri locks him again.
Anita asks vibhu to wakeup bcoz she is getting late for her grooming classes,vibhu gets up giving pravachan, anita says vibhu what all is this, vibhu says I think u forgot who I am, I am baba vibhutanad, anita says oh I am so sorry baba, vibhu says u will be punished for this, u have to do all household work, anita says ok and leaves, vibhu starts laughing and says wow this is grt trick.
Everyone is looking at the grown up plant, anguri tells everyone that its jhole babas miracle, panditji says we all are blessed to have such saint person in our colony, we are truly blessed, anguri says I saw vibhutiji speaking to plant and this is why the plant grew, tika says we never seen vibhuti bhaiya doing good to any, panditji says shutup u do no good instead rob chappals at the temple and question one who do, vibhuti comes and everyone takes his blessings, tiwariji is watching all this from terrace and is surprised, anguri shows vibhuti grown up plant, vibhu says I spoke to him yesterday so he grew, panditji says baba ji I need ur help , I want a child, tika says I can help u in that, vibhu says go take medicine from doctor, panditji says ok babaji, tika says baba plz make me fair, vibhu says first clear ur heart be a good person and then u will be fair, bhabhiji asks vibhuti will he have something, vibhuti says some fruits and today come to my place for pravachan and don’t come empty handed.tiwari sees all this and says I will find out what this new act is abt.
Everybody gather in vibhus house for pravachan, appu singh says to anita now ur husband has become saint so what will u do, anita says I will stay with my husband on every step, anguri says this is so nice abt u but vibhutiji said u ask him to press ur legs, anita says that was just once when I had a cramp, panditji says wow such a lucky lady babaji pressed her legs .vibhuti comes and starts giving pravachan, vibhuti says I will help everyone get rid of their pain, anguri says babaji my husband gets very angry all the time show some way to calm him, vibhuti asks does ur husband eat chilli, anguri says no, vibhuti says give him one kg chilli in night and make sure he doesn’t shout.
Anguri says ok I will give him chillies, tika says babaji wherever I go girls run away from me so I am single, vibhuti says I see drainage and so u have to take bath in the drainage two times a day and then u will get rid of curse, panditji says I want a daughter, vibhuti says start having shilajit, appu singh says I am going to have child and my financial status isn’t good, and tell me the remedie in my ear, tiwari enters the house.

PRECAP: vibhuti says whenever u ask donkey is he a donkey, the donkey says no, so tiwariji are u a donkey.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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