Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bittu and cousin see cat girl,she says party has just began,I’m meow girl,Bittu asks what you want,she says I want to teach you a good lessons so that you never ill treat any women and hits them.

Vibhu wakes up and says Anu baby and sees she isn’t beside him and calls her out,Anita walks to him with a suit case and asks you woke up early,Vibhu says what’s in this,Anita says I went to see my uncle,Vibhu says you should have woken me up,I would have accompanied you,Anita says I did but you didn’t wake up.

Tiwari on call says I called you a lot but you never answer,he says my phone fell in commode,Tiwari says this is why I hear flush noice every time I call you,what you want to give me my payment and extra order too,sure sure I will send Tilu.


says the formula worked,Panditji walks in and says Tiwari you look so happy Tiwari kisses him and says your formula worked,the party is ready to payback,Panditji says increase this misbehaviour and the effects will be good,Panditji says give me some fees now,Tiwari says sure once my work done I will ,Panditji leaves,Tiwari says oh I have to increase the I’ll treating but Anguri will be hurt anyways I will do it after all it’s for the sake of business.

Tiwari asks what is this,Anguri says I’m watering the plants,Tiwari says what will I bathe with then,Anguri asks what’s bad in watering plants,Tiwari says everything is bad,Anguri says call anyone and ask is it bad,Tiwari says you want to insult me in front of everyone,Anguri gets hurt and leaves crying and says you hurt me a lot,Tiwari tells at her get out.Anita sees Tiwari and says I have to teach him lesson.

Vibhu says Tiwari how dare you talk to bhabhiji in this tone,Tiwari says my wife I can do anything,Vibhu says I haven’t seen a man so cheap like you,Tiwari says go see a mirror and both yell at each other .

Saxena singing at tea stall and drinking something from a thermos,tikka and malkhan join him,Malkhan says give us a sip as well,Saxena says sure and shares with them and asks how was lizard soup,tikka says do you ever eat anything good. Saxena says I’m abnormal person and such things suit me. Bittu comes injured Saxena asks what’s wrong,Bittu narrates yesterday story and says it was meow girl and she attacked me and now look my state,tikka asks who was she,Saxena says I wish to see her, I want to milk the meow girl,Bittu says find on your own I’m scared of her and leaves.malkhan says she looks dangerous,tikka says yes looked what she did to Bittu.

Tiwari in bedroom says I’m not liking the way I’m treating Anguri,tonight I shall behave well and Tommorw again misbehave it will be balance and calls Anguri and says seat beside me I know you are upset,Anguri says you scolded me in front of everyone,tiwari says I’m sorry I love you,come close to me I feel so romantic ,Anguri says I feel shy,Tiwari says come close and his back gets twist,Anguri says don’t worry I shall massage sleep on your stomach and Anguri leaves to get the oil.

Meow girl enters through window,Tiwari thinks it Anguri,and says good massage me,meow girl switches the lights off,Tiwari says oh you wanna try something else,meow girl gives him nice whacking and scratches all around his back.
Anguri walks in and puts on the light,and says massage,Tiwari says no go to sleep,I don’t want anything,Anguri says ok and goes to sleep,Tiwari thinks Anguri would take revenge this way I never thought of it.

Later in night meow girl again hits Tiwari with a stick and hides,he thinks it’s Anguri and puts on the light,anguri says so you want the massage if you can’t sleep,Tiwari says no sleep.
vibhu dreaming says Anu don’t leave me and go and wakes up and says thank god it was just a dream and sees she isn’t beside him and says where does she go every night ,Anita walks in again with suitcase,she asks why didn’t you sleep,Vibhu says I woke up with a nightmare,and you,Anita says uncle,Vibhu says I would accompany,Anita says are you a doctor,Vibhu says I would protect you,Anita says you and protect instead you would fall into the attackers feet.

Vibhu at tea stall says add some poison too in my tea,Prem walks to him and says you are so useless that poison won’t work on you,Vibhu says stop insulting me,the matter I’m hurt is anu is having an affair,Prem slaps him and says how dare you talk about bhabhiji this way,Vibhu says I’m not talking vague,every night she is missing and returns morning with excuses that she was with some uncle who is on death bed.prem says may be her uncle is really sick,Vibhu says I’m just,Prem says you are jobless so these things cooks in your brain,an uncle walks to Vibhu,and ask how he is,Prem asks who is this uncle,Vibhu says same uncle anu visits every night.

Pre cap : Tiwari says Anguri hit me a lot let me show the bruises,Anita says no what are you doing.
Prem happu tikka malkhan at Gulfamkali bar,Gulfamkali dancing,lights go off and they see meow girl in bar.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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    Boring episode.
    Though anita mewao girl is too hot and kitty but rest is boring

  2. Alister La Frenais

    This is light comedy at its best. Some parts of the episode was mundane and bordering on becoming boring, nevertheless as a whole it was very entertaining. I liked Anita as meow girl, she looked very s*xy in her leather kitty costume.

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