Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th January 2018 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu on call says I don’t want medi claim,because I’m married and if I can handle my wife I can handle anything. Gulfamkali and prem walk in,Vibhu says you two together how come,Gulfamkali says we thought of you so,Vibhu says I have my wife to think about me and if she see you that won’t be good,prem says we are here with a job offer,Vibhu says I love you bro,tell em I’m excited,prem says it’s a good job,you just have to welcome guests,Vibhu says please I don’t look like a waiter,prem says I’m your friend I won’t do this to you,Gulfamkali says you just have to welcome guests at my bar,Vibhu says leave before I hit you with my shoes,prem and Gulfamkali rush out.

Anu walks in tried,Vibhu says baby come sit what’s wrong,Anu says I fainted,but there was a good man

he offered me lime juice and you know even we should Help people,Vibhu says but how did you faint,Anu says I always have omelette sunny side up but today you fried both ways so may be I fainted,Vibhu says ok let me get you coffee,and while leaving says I have an antic wife.

Amaji calls Anguri,Amaji asks all good there,Anguri says yes all good,Amaji says I dreamt last night,that you and Manmohan fell sick,Anguri starts sneezing,Amaji asks what’s wrong,Anguri says climate is changing so,Amaji says I knew it,don’t worry pandit ramphal asked you two serve and this will help you two,tiwari walks to her and asks who is praising me,angrui hands him phone,Amaji says and don’t be scared of Manmohan I will teach him lesson if he stops you,tiwari gives phone back to Anguri,

Amaji says give the call to Manmohan,Anguri says ok one minute,Amaji says listen to me,why didn’t you talk,tiwari says who will dare to,Amaji says Anguri will be serving some needy people and dare you stop her Tiwari says I won’t,angrui says ok Amaji bye.

Tikka malkhan at tea stall,tikka says do we have house in our fate,malkhan says we were even thrown out of house after paying rent,Happu walks yo them,and seeing them with their stuff starts laughing and says did your landlord throw you out again,malkhan asks how come you here,Happu says I’m good you tell me where did you get insulted and hit again,tikka says will you have tea,Happu says sure,malkhan says three tea and Happu Singh will pay,Happu says what do you mean,malkhan says we don’t have money,Happu says really and shows them shoe,malkhan say sno we do and pays Happu says why are you wasting time,tikka starts crying,Happu asks what’s wrong,tikka says we are homeless help us.

Happu slaps them and leaves,malkhan says we have no one in this world to help us,tikka says we do we have Tilu,Tilu walks to them,tikka says help us Tilu,Tilu says yes tell me,Tilu says no I won’t allow you,you tease my landlords daughter and then I was in trouble,tikka says help us then too,Tilu waves talking on call.
Tikka says I have an idea,and shares it with malkhan.

Anguri singing song and doing household,malkhan walks to her,and acts as if he is giddy,Anguri calls Tiwari and says look he fainted,tiwari says oh no let me check my sofa,angrui says oh cmon look at him,he looks sick.

Tikka walks to Mishra house and take Anita and vibhu blessing,Vibhu asks what’s wrong,are you leaving the town,tikka starts crying and says I wish to leave the world,Anu asks what’s wrong,tikka says whole night I was in hospital even malkhan,in ICU,something like food poisoning,Vibhu says baby don’t trust him he is a liar.

Malkhan says bhabhi doc asked to ask atmost care but who will help us,angrui says I’m here,malkhan says I knew,tikka is being taken care by Anita bhabhi,tiwari says get lost,they are fooling you Anguri says let me call Amaji,tiwari says okay stay.

Vibhu says tikka go in some temple,get out,Anu says stop it vibhu,tikka I will help you,Vibhu says you are getting emotional I will cook two roti and give him,Anu says he isn’t a dog and tikka you can stay here till you get well,Vibhu says are you mad,tikka says bhabhiji thank you and starts crying,Anu says Tika you look weak take a seat,tikka says bhabhi I should leave I can’t see you two fight,Vibhu says very good,go,Anu says no you won’t go we have no problem,you will stay and that’s final,tikka says okay.

Angrui says malkhan what will you ave,malkhan says doctor asked to have fresh fruit juice,tiwari says medicines help,Anguri says are you a doctor,he said doctor has asked him to so go get fruits for h8m,tiwari says ok I’m going malkhan says get pemogranate too.

Anu asks tikka what did doc suggest you two eat,tikka says something that will increase my strength,Anu says ok Vibhu I will give you list get it and make him soup,tikka says bhabhi you forgot cashew,Vibhu says you forgot poison,Anu says get him rabdi,tikka you like sweet dish right,tikka says anything you say,and I shall go get my clothes,Anu says ok be careful,and say she is so weak.

Malkhan says Anguri bhabhi,tiwari Bhaiya isn’t here yet I’m very hungry,Anguri says here you,chocochecker cookies,malkhan says they are yummie,can I have one more packet,Anguri says I have many let me get you.

Pre cap : Vibhu and Tiwari make plans to throw tikka malkhan out,angrui and Anita get to know about it and scold them.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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