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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vibhu speaking with his uncle from london. Uncle asks how are you? Vibhu says i am good and asks about aunt. Uncle says she is good too and then says he wants to meet him someday and whom did he marry? Vibhu says he married anita. Uncle says what? How could you marry that girl who threw ink on his face in college when he came to meet him. Uncle says that now he will not give him any of his property because he married that woman. Anita comes and sits in front of vibhu. Vibhu tells uncle that he did not say anita but said sunita and he married sunita. Uncle says oh you said sunita. Thats cool and he is going to come tomorrow to meet him and his wife from london. Vibhu says ok and ofcourse he didnt marry that useless girl anita as he hate her. Uncle keeps phone. Anita

asks vibhu what was he saying bad about her? Vibhu then tells her does she remember that uncle on whose face she threw ink? Anita says oh yes. Vibhu says he told he married sunita because uncle would give him property and if he told anita he wouldnt. Anita says well done and tells that this way they will get money and their problems will be over. Vibhu says but from where do we bring sunita? Anita says we can ask anguri for help.
At tiwaris house, vibhu comes. He asks that he need help. Tiwari calls anguri out and tells give this man what he wants. Vibhu says he just wants anguri. Tiwari and anguri get shocked and say get out and we dont want u here. Vibhu says listen to the whole thing. Tiwari says no. Anita comes by then and tells listen to us please. Tiwati say ok. Anita tells that she needs anhuri to be vibhus wife for a day only because they told uncle vibhu married sunita and so he will give us property and if he knows i am his wife then he will not. Tiwari says why? Anita tells because once in college when she and vibhu were dating that time uncle had come to meet vibhu and she threw ink on his face and that mark is still on the face. Tiwari says ok we will help. Anguri feels uncomfortable but says ok for ajitas sake. Vibhu says ok i will teach u how to act in front of uncle. Anguri says ok. Vibhu takes her home and teaches her to say darling n sweetheart to each other so that uncle thinks they love each other a lot. Anguri unwillingly has to say but then later she goes and says when uncle comes call me that time.
Next day vibhu is standing in front yard for uncle to come. Anita comes and vibhu tells you go now at tiwaris house and uncle will be coming. Anguri n tiwari come. Vibhu tells anguri to come here. Anita goes. Uncle comes in an auto. Tiwari and anita look hiding from frontyard. Uncle meets vibhu and vibhu introduces anguri as sunita and his wife to uncle. He calls her bahbhiji. Uncle asks why are u saying bhabhi? Vibhu says u call aunt mummy then why cant i. Uncle says anyways take me in. They go in. Anita and tiwari hiding go in tiwaris house where he makes coffe for both. At the table having lunch uncle says food is good and your wife has magic in her hands. Vibhu smiles. Then after lunch uncle says you are very cute sunita and where did u find this man and he is useless. Anguri says just here. Then after lunch uncle says he has gas now so where should he go? Vibhu says up in that room there is a balcony and go there u will feel fresh. Uncle goes.
Up at tiwaris balcony anita is standing and she says to herself what must be happening and what is vibhu and uncle doing? Uncle comes up in balcony. Anita is waiting and uncle then sees anita and gets shocked.

Precap: uncle is going and he tells vibhu that he wants to make a will for sunita(anguri). Vibhu says oh good. Uncle goes. In morning as anita and vibhu are sleeping in their house back, uncle comes early and anita opens the door. She thinks its milkman and with closed eyes tells give 2 litres milk. Uncle is shocked to see anita. She opens the eyes and screams as she sees uncle.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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