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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th February 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

A man comes asking for saxena,vibhuti asks whydo u want him,he says I am his property agent n his land got sold for 3crores n and in all his sold properties arein crores,vibhuti n tiwari shocked.
Saxena anita come back from movie n discuss abt how loving the movie was,vibhuti comes n says papa is home too how is my son, saxena says how come so much change papa, vibhuti says I love u son, anita smiles looking at their bond n says how cute vibhu, vibhuti says I really love him, saxena says I don’t believe, anita says no son, vibhu says its ok anu, I have hurt him, let him speak, anita says oh I am so impressed, saxena says papa do u want money, vibhuti says why will I want ur money, u are mine n that’s enough for me, saxena says I will accept this on one condition, be my horse,

vibhuti helplessly agrees to this n saxena rides over him.
Tiwari thinking, saxena is so rich n now I will adopt him but vibhuti will also try his hands I have to find a solution, tiwari acts as if he is very guilty n says I am sorry for insulting ur mother hood anguri, anguri says oh yes, its fine though, tiwari says even now I wish to be his father, anguri says oh that’s good news, tiwari says do me a favour, ask anita bhabhi to give saxena to us, anguri says thats not possible we have decided to share him, n she wont agree to this.
Next morning, tiwari goes to anitas place, anita welcomes him n asks why is he here, tiwari says I came here to give u little relief, I am here for saxena, anita says why relief he is my son n not a burden, tiwari says but it must be difficult to take his car as u are only working here, anita says get lost with ur suggestions n dare u point at vibhu n saxena n how come u question me,tiwari says u are taking me wrong,anita says n stop behaving like u are only rich here get out.
Anguri in kitchen, vibhuti meets her n says bhabhiji throw saxena out of ur house, anguri says why, vibhuti says he can be reason behind u n tiwaris divorce its from personal experience, anguri says u must be wrong not my son, vibhuti says what if he kills tiwari in madness, tiwari comes from behind n says what rubbish are u talking, anguri says he talking ill abt our son, tiwari says listen u vibhutiji don’t talk ill abt my son, vibhuti says u greedy, u don’t love him, n how come so much love, wats the reason, tiwari says whats reason behind ur love, vibhuti says bhabhiji plz get water, anguri leaves, vibhuti says we both know the reason n I need him more than u do n so he is mine, anguri comes back, vibhuti leaves, tiwari says let him go u just take care of our son.
Vibhuti at night goes to pick up saxena, tiwari stops him, n says come stay here not go to this jobless person, vibhuti say she will stay with us, tiwari says no he will stay with us n fight over saxena, pela plays song on radio abt mother hood, tiwari forces saxena into his house, but vibhuti takes him back to his place n tiwari vibhuti keep fighting whole night.
Till next morning tiwari n vibhu keep fighting, n atlast get tired n go back to their houses. Saxena at anitas house, a lawyer comes there, saxena calls anita, vibhuti says I called lawyer, anita says u are , vibhuti says I called him for legal adoption, anita says thats wonderful, tiwari n anguri join them n say this is not possible, anguri says see we have decided to share him, vibhuti says I insists let him stay with us, tiwari says no way, vibhuti says u have no standards tiwari says n u have no job, anita says enough, me n anguri have adopted saxena why are u fighting.
Happu singh enters n says stop he will stay with none of u but with me, anguri says where did he come into share, tiwari says he is my son, happu singh says shut up tiwari, vibhut says u already have lot of kids why u want saxena, saxena says so that he gets my 20 corers property.

Precap: anita says to vibhuti a newspaper, look at this offer from tinku tours, free tour to shimla
Anguri shoes same add to tiwari, tiwari says yes lets go.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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