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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anguri in the kitchen who is making food and singing songs. Vibhu comes and says that in kanpur too there is a lot of cold. Anguri asks him why is he wearing these heavy winter clothes. Vibhu tells that according to the weather system, snow is going to fall in kanpur in their colony. Anguri gets excited and exclaims what!? Vibhu says yes. Anguri asks when will snow fall. He says anytime now. Suddenly snow starts falling and vibhu tells see anguri its snowing and anguri gets excited. Vibhu tells come anguri feel it. Anguri puts her hands out of the window and says it is snowing. Then she tells she too wants to come out and vibhu tells her first wear winter clothes then come out or else she will suffer from cold. Anguri say ok and goes. There saxena is actually throwing

thermocole particles. Vibhu tells him to stop and says thank you and tells him to save some it will be useful afterwards.
At night anguri is sitting in her room wearing winter clothes. tiwari comes and asks why is she wearing this as it is not cold at all. Anguri says yes it is and snow had been falling in kanpur and she saw it today and it can come anytime now. Tiwari says sometimes he is not able to understand her and he hoes to the bathroom. Anguri goes at the window to see snow and vibhuti throws thermocole from above. She gets excited and say its so good to see snow here and she calls tiwari. Tiwari comes but then vibhu stops throwing thermocole and goes home and anguri tells tiwari it was snowing. Tiwari says is she trying to fool him? It is not snowing and he says he will take her to shimla. Anguri says she doesnt want to go to shimla as it is snowing here. Tiwari goes down to see. He sees tika and malkhan sitting there wearing winter clothes and taking heat by burning coals. Tiwari asks why are they wearing these clothes? They both tell is is snowing and its cold so ofcourse they will wear these clothes. Saxena and vibhu also come there wearing those clothes. They all tell tiwari that he must be suffering from Winter Personality Disorder. Tiwari says to himself that only he must be not feeling cold so he starts acting as he if feeling cold and he says its very cold and goes to his house. Tika and malkhan then ask vibhuti to give them their 500rs each. Vibhuti tells them that ofcourse they have deserved it and he gives them 500 each. Vibhu then tells saxena thank you and says he loves him. Happu singh comes. He asks why are they wearing these clothes? They all tell him its snowing in kanpur and they tell him the same that he must be suffering from WPD. Happu singh starts acting too as it is cold.
In the morning tiwari wear winter clothes and is going to anitas house. He comes out. He is having a shawl which he is going to gift to anita. He suddenly sees anita cmong out of her house in a black saree and she comes out and dances romantically with him and he shows her the red shawl and she coming running kike a bull tiwards it. When tiwari opens his eyes he sees he was dreaming and sees that he wore the shawl to pelu. He pulls it and goes at anitas house. There he sits on the sofa. Anita says why is he wearing this winter clothes? Tiwari tells because it is snowing. Anita does not believe him. She says it is not snowing and was she the one he chose today for a joke. Then tiwari tells her that evetyone including vibhu were wearing such clothes. Anita tells see will see to it. Tiwaro then keeps the shawl for her and goes.
Amguri is wearing winter clothes and she comes out of the house. Vibhu and saxena start throwing snow. Anguri gets excited and she calls tiwari and they both start feeling the snow. Anita comes. Anguri tells her that see it is snowing. Tiwari tells anita to wear winter clothes or else she will feel cold. Anita then sees vibhu and saxena throwing thermocole and she calls them down. Tiwari and anguri then get to know the truth that vibhu was fooling them. They reomove the clothes and throw them down. Anguri gest sad and angry and says why did he do this? Anita tes vibhu why did he fool tiwari and anguri? Vibhu then tells that anguri wanted to see snow snd so they were going to go to shimla. But while going to shimla there would be landslides and heavy snowing and it coukd harm them so he thought of doing all this so he could stop anguri and tiwari. He says he loves his neighbours and just wanted to keep them away from harms way. Anita says she is so proud of him and she loves him. Anguri says she is happy because she never knew he loves tiwari so much. Happu singh comes wearing those clothes. They all look at happu sibgh who is acting as if it is snowing. They all laugh.

precap: anita is speaking to vibhu on the phone and is telling him that she can see him secretly eating pastry in the kitchen as she has fitted a camera there. Vibhu goes to anguri and tiwari and tells anguri that anita has gifted her a bouquet of roses. He goes and keeps them in the hall. A camera is fitted in the bouquet.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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