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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tiwari says u darling kabadi u here again, anguri says he is saying to give away these sofas, Tiwari says shut up go away don’t fool my wife,get lost n never return,darling says ok I shall leave n I love u, anguri says miss u janu.

Anita calls darling, Vibhuti thinks god now I have to deal with her,n walks to Anita, Anita sits beside him n says darling ur brother isn’t home n I’m all alone,darling says I’m busy I have work, Anita says plz stay I have to talk to u, u know ur brother is jobless n so I have made s decision,to divorce him,darling says he is nice man don’t do it,Anita says I have u now, handsome darling, Vibhuti thinks oh no what is she doing,darling says bhaiya loves u, Anita says I know what’s wrong n eighth, n Vibhuti is bad for me

but u n me can enjoy a lot,u come at 8 I have to go now, bye darling,darling says ok n leaves.

Vibhuti says I will see her at 8 to find out what exactly she is up to. Anguri helping laddu get ready as Krishna, laddu goes to get sweets,anguri goes behind him but slips n falls of balcony n laddu catches her, she says oh u saved me,anguri says here are ur laddu n do offer them to God before u eat, laddu says sure n rushes to school.anguri says God he is a kid forgive him if he forgets,laddu rushes in n says bhabhi I forgot sweets, anguri says u took away just now, anguri says u save me n took away, laddu says no i didn’t, anguri says oh it was my Lord Krishna n both pray.

Darling goes home, Vibhuti thinks I will find now what levels she crosses, Anita dressed In night gown, says he my sweet heart, Tiwari at door hiding n seeing them, Anita says darling come close to me n dances for darling,Tiwari is shocked to see that, Anita takes darling upstairs,Tiwari says what’s wrong with bhabhiji she is with kabadi, darling runs away,Anita says now see what next I do to u.

Tiwari goes to gulfamkali n starts crying,gulfamkali says u here is it a dream,Tiwari says no I’m here,my heart is broken,n I’m here to heal it,gulfamkali says here u go n starts dancing for Tiwari,Tiwari gets drunk, n starts crying.

Tiwari comes out of gulfamkalis bar n says I hope no one sees me, tilka n Malkha walk to him n says look who is here,n teases him,Tiwari says shut up, I just came here by mistake, Malkha says don’t fool us, we know everything who comes here n why n we also have seen u dance, Tiwari says here some money,now keep quite n leaves.

Vibhuti comes to bedroom, Anita says Vibhuti I mean Vibhu u are back, I was waiting for u, Vibhuti says u liar,Anita says me liar, no why did u say so,Vibhuti says just a guess, Anita says u are wrong, I love u,Vibhuti says yes tell me how much u love me,Anita says a lot,n what’s wrong with u, u look upset any issues, Vibhuti says my heart is broken, my close ones have hurt me, Anita says did gulfamkali hurt u, Vibhuti says she is not close to me plz, I’m talking abt a friend,Anita says u mean prem,Vibhuti says some body broke trust n love,Anita says see I’m not understanding what u saying, Vibhuti says nothing go to sleep darling, Anita says oh I love this word darling, Vibhuti says darling darling darling.

Anita says I love this word darling,Vibhuti says bcoz of this darling oh no, Anita gets an lungi n says plz wear lungi, I’m in love with lungi now a days, Vibhuti throws it down n Pelu wears it.

Precap : Tiwari to tika n Malkha, here’s 1500 u have to hit Tata darling.
Anita to darling today 11 pm we will run away ok be ready.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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