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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,vegetables seller is selling vegetables and tiwari comes out and asks him do u really sell vegetables at reasonable price and he says if i say they r reasonable they will buy and tiwari says tat i m a business man not like u and the seller says tat wat businessman u r i purchased undergarments from ur shop they all were damaged some torned and some had no elastics and comes hapu singh he says tat even i purchased and they all were damaged and tiwari then says tat i have got a new batch and will send it to u and then hapu singh asks the seller to close his ears and tells tiwari to send it home and also donate some 2 to 3k rs and he says ok and then hapu singh says tat this is a parcel which i want u to keep it at ur place and says tat i cannot keep it at home as this

is a lie detector machine and tiwari then asks y here and hapu singh says tat by use of this machine u can check tat wheather a person is saying the truth and tiwari keeps the machine in and he opens it and hapu singh comes in and says tat wat a man u r without asking u opened it and then tiwari says tat u r keeping it in my house so i should know about it and then hapu singh says tat i will show u how it works and attaches all the connections and asks tiwari to ask him a question and he will answer and the machine will tell weather it is true and then tiwari asks hapu singh do u admit tat u r a corrupt police officer and hapu singh says no i m not and the machine blinks red in color and tiwari laughs and hapu singh gets surprised and says tat u remembered this question only and then he asks tiwari to come and sit there and now he asks question to tiwari tat do u like any other woman then anguri bhabhi and tiwari says no and the machine blinks red and then hapu singhs laughs
Next day anita comes from outside to her home in pelas rickshaw and she asks hm wat is the fare and pela gives a chit tat it is 75 rs and anita says to him tat how is it possible i always give 40 rs to come here from Ganda nala and pela gives another chit saying tat u r lieing and anita gets shocked and says how can u call me liar and comes out vibhuti and asks wat happened and anita tells tat pela is lieing and demanding more money and vibhuti asks him y is he doing soo and pela gives a chit saying tat i m not lieing and tiwari comes upstairs and listens all this and asks vibhuti wat happens and anita tells tat this pela is saying tat i m lieing and tiwari says we will make it clear tat he is lieing and asks him to bring at home as he has the lie detector machine and says hapu singh left it at my place as the police station is under paint
Pels sits near the machine with all the attachments and tiwarii,anguri,vibhuti and anita sit there and tiwari asks pela question tat how much was the fare and pela gives a chit saying i m not lieing the fare is 75 rs and the machne blinks green and everyone gets shocked and then tiwari say stat we will ask him other question and then tiwari asks him wat do u think about vibhuti and pela gives a chit where it is written tat he is a jobless person and anguri says see the machine blinked green means he is saying true and then vibhuti asks w=question tell about tiwari and pela gives a chit and anguri reads it tat tiwari is a bad person and then anita says tat take this 100 rs and remember tat i m not lieing and keep this extra money so tat u never forget tat i lied to u and then vibhuti asks him to leave and pela gives him one more chit and vibhuti reads it in mind tat i know wat kind of a person u r u have ur ees on anguri bhabhi and then vibhuti changes and says come on pela brother u leave and then anita asks vibhuti y did u changed suddenly and behaved so sweetly and asks him to show her the chit and then vibhuti eats the paper chit and digest it and he and anita takes leave
Vibhuti is sitting with anguri near the machine where he is asking anguri tat does she loves him and she replies yes and then anguri says tat but tiwari will shout at me and they hear tiwaris voice and vibhuti wakes up and remembers tat it was a dream and he wonders y did he dreamt of her early morning and says tat now the day is going to be very active and the door bell rangs and he opens it and there is Cheddi to take clothes for washing and anita comes and says tat i will not give any clothes and he asks y and anita says tat u don’t wash them properly and they are getting damaged Cheddi says tat i wash ur clothes very nicely and anita asks which washing powder do u use and he says tat i use chikni chameli and vibhuti slaps him and cheddi then tells her tat its a name of washing powder and then anita says tat u use caustic soda and not washing powder and tat is y clothes r not washed properly and cheddi says tat if i m lying then i will get married now and then anita asks y did u say like this getting married is curse and cheddi says tat after looking at vibhuti i said it so and then anita asks vibhuti wat did u tell him and vibhuti says tat i said nothing cant u see tat i m happily married and then he says lets make it clear who is lieing we will take him to tiwari and anita says tat perfect and warns cheddi if he has lied to her

Vibhuti says tat lets call panditji and test him and anita says y should we call some one when we have two people here and vibhuti asks who two tiwari and anita says u and then vibhuti sits with the attachments and says tat u know my life is open book and then anita says tat i will ask u a question

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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