Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th October 2017 Written Episode Update : Vibhuti and Anita switch characters.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amaji gets a call from Anguri,Anguri says Amaji and starts crying,and says this man does nothing,Amaji asks what’s wrong tell me,Anguri tells her problem,Tiwari tries to stop but Anguri doesn’t,Amaji says give him the phone,Amaji scolds Tiwari and says you have killed the romance of your marriage and do as she says,if I come there you know what will happen.

All at mintu classes,mintu says I can build up all the bridges,master says our bridge has completely collapsed,mintu says be free and express yourself,and so master where did you two meet,master says we use to teach in same school.mintu asks who hold the hand first,Master says she did,mintu asks then,master says she hugged me then and then I ran away ,Vidya says since then he keeps running,mintu says this means master

is at fault.

Mintu says So Vibhuti and Anita,where did you two meet,Vibhu says she was wearing a frock and catching butterflies and it was windy and so she was trying to manage her short frock,Tiwari imagines it,and says how lovely,mintu asks what is it,Tiwari says nothing,mintu asks Vibhu what next,Vibhu says I fell in love,Anita says and then use to follow me and also got whacking from my brother and father but didn’t leave me,Tiwari says you should have put him behind bars,Vibhu says shut up,Anguri says yes please be quite,Tiwari says it’s all bhabhiji fault,Anita asks what,Tiwari says yes why did you go catching butterflies,Vibhu says I shall slap you,Anita says stop it you two,Anguri says yes these two start anywhere,mintu start your counselling.

Anita says then Vibhu and me fell in love,mintu asks where did you have your romantic time,Anita says farms,but now after marriage it’s always me behind Vibhu he doesn’t,Vibhu says how can some be romantic 24 hrs ,I cant think about romance all the time like you,mintu says what so long how is that,Vibhu says ok 12,Anita says do I,Vibhu says yes,mintu says relax,I got your case.

Mintu says So manhohan Tiwari and Anguri,Tiwari says I saw her first when she was washing clothes by river side,Vibhu imagines it,and says nice,mintu asks what,Vibhu says nothing,mintu says next,Anguri says he use to follow me every where,even in my stable,Vibhu says didn’t you throw cow dung on his face,Anguri says I didn’t my father did,mintu says relax what next,Tiwari says she accepted my proposal,mintu says then romance,Tiwari says farms,mintu asks you too,don’t snake bite you,Tiwari says no,mintu says it did Bite me,so next,Anguri says we ran away and got married and then the romance was lost.

Mintu says so in your case,you two don’t have any care about each other desires,Vibhu says well said,mintu says so you will switch your characters. Saxena says how will I decide the best groom for my sister because they are useless but for my sister I have to do this,Happu walks to him,talking on call with his wife,and says if you cant handle why did you give birth to 9 kids keep the call.and asks Saxena you look tensed.saxena says my sister is young and beautiful and isn’t married yet so tensed,Happu asks correct but which sister,Saxena says Gulfamkali,Happu says what guarantee you have that she hasn’t married before,Saxena says no she hasn’t,and I will carry her doli,Happu says she is heavyweight you won’t manage,Saxena says I can take you to crematory,how can you insult the relation of a sister and brother,Happu says I doubt you,you talk as normal people at times,Saxena says I’m mad,don’t abuse me by calling normal,Saxena looses his calm and says no no and starts shouts no I’m mad and throws cups at Happu,Happu runs away.

Anita dressed as Vibhu,calls Anu,Vibhu dressed as Anita walks down the stairs and says why are you shouting,she says I was calling you,he says you could be a little normal,she says you couldn’t Hear me then,he says you voice is so harsh,Anita says Vibhu when did I say your voice is harsh,Vibhu says you keep insulting me always,
Anita says Vibhu we are distracting,we need to feel our characters,Vibhu says I am,Anita says nope you aren’t,Vibhu says how will I,anita says romantic sweet is my character,Vibhu says okay,and says Vibhu Vibhu let’s be romantic,Anita says give me a break always romance romance,cant you see I’m tried,Vibhu says what hard work have you done,you were just strolling around all day,Anita says that’s what I do all day,and I will,Vibhu says baby when did I say that,Anita says Vibhu we are distracting again okay let’s get to romance let me put music.

Anita and Vibhu romance on music.vibhu about to kiss Anu,uncle walks to him and he kisses him by mistake.

Pre cap : Amaji and daddy together,and daddy says for the first time I will go myself to Tiwari and take to him,and hug him and if possible will also kiss him.Tiwari and Anguri switch characters.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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