Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tiwari asks how long will these stay here, our personal life is at risk,via huts says Anita even I’m not comfortable,Tika says we are staying with Tiwari why is Vibhuti bhaiya upset,Vibhuti says shutup,Anita says Vibhu is this the way u talk,help them instead,anguri says how abt one more rally,Tiwari says no no that’s very painful,anguri says I have an idea,Tiwari says speak up,Vibhuti says show some respect,Anita says stop it u two anguri tell us,anguri says let them share our houses for one month each,Anita says great I’m liking it I will get more domestic help.

Happu Singh walks in n says I spoke to builder and he started crying when I made him realise their pain n now they have their houses back,Vibhuti wispers to happu Singh liar taking Gulfamkali credit,happu

says cmon u three go back to ur houses, Tika malka says we aren’t going anywhere,Tilu says me too we aren’t leaving bhabhiji n going we are liking it here.Vibhuti and Tiwari throw Tika malka n Tilu out of the house.

Tiwari very full after dinner n so decides to take a walk, Tiwari comes out n starts burping n sees Anita’s door n says bhabhiji must be asleep I wish I could see her now, Anita opens the door n walks out, Tiwari says wow God heard me how nice n says hello bhabhiji,Anita walks to Tiwari, twiari tries to talk to her but, she goes near sofa n sleeps on it,tiwari surprised and says why is she here n sleeping on sofa oh no looks like she is sleep walking, good she came to our house n not anyone else’s, I shd wake her up and Tiwari starts shivering n says I can’t touch her n shouts bhabhiji,Anita gets scared n wakes up n says what are u doing in my bedroom.

Tiwari says bhabhi this is my hall,I guess u were sleep walking,good u came here n not someone else’s house,and since when are u sleep walking,Anita says it was before marriage but I had cured it from a doctor how come it’s back,Tiwari says don’t worry I will keep an watch at ur house, Anita says not needed I will consult a doctor bye good night n leaves.Tiwari says from tomorrow I will be at ur door at night everyday.

Anguri next day reading magazine n reads does ur husband gives u gifts n if he doesn’t he doesn’t love u,anguri says oh no this means he doesn’t love me,Tiwari walks to her n says go get me breakfast,anguri says I’m very upset u don’t love me,Tiwari says who told u,anguri says u never give me gifts,Tiwari says I’m ur gift,v Vibhuti at door listening to all this,Tiwari says I love u anguri,Vibhutiji ays cheap man, I love her more than u,Tiwari says I will get u starts n moon,anguri says yes get me,Tiwari says that’s not possible u know,anguri says liar n gets upset n leaves,Vibhuti says I will get u starts n moon n leaves.

Tika n malkhan working near tea stall,Tika says this hard work God,malkhan says we have to complete target or else we will die hungry,happu says God u two working,malkhan says yes it’s for telephone poles,happu says I’m not liking it,Vibhuti says why can’t us we them work hard,instead of appreciating why demotivate them,happu says why are u interfering get when u don’t work at all,Vibhuti picks a stone n says this is not to hit u but won someone n leaves.

Anguri working in kitchen,Vibhuti walks to her,anguri asks how are u,Vibhuti says I saw moon I’m happy,anguri says its amavasya,Vibhuti says u never get me anyways this is a stone from moon, I got it for u,anguri says really where did u get it from,Vibhuti says it’s a secret even Anita doesn’t know it, it’s like people think I’m jobless but I’m an astronaut n I keep going to moon n it’s a secret mission u see n here’s a precious stone from moon n only three people know abt it that’s u me n my organisation cmdk- Chanda mama door ke organisation.

Anguri says how do u feel on moon, Vibhuti says for me it’s a routine now,but it’s nice u see n I have a plot there too,earth is too polluted n so for fresh air I have a plot on moon only issue is oxygen n water otherwise it’s quite nice, anguri says fun take me there too,Vibhuti says sure but today I’m going Mars, give me wishes at night, anguri says take from Anita, Vibhuti says it’s a secret u see n going there is risky anyways bye and leaves.

Pre cap : Doctor with Tiwari says Anita bhabhiji I have a solution for sleep walking and its alcohol.
Vibhuti dressed as astronaut walks in colony at night.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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