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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vibhuti saying that its a teacher’s work to teach a student and educate. He saya she has married a creep like him but i can’t correct that now. Tiwari says he canr teach you english n insults him but angoori defends him n tiwari goes. Vibhuti says our 1st lesson is to say i love you. He says everything revolves around this word i love you n she says ok n says i love you he faints. He then says 2 poems to her i.e. twinkle twinkle n jack n jill. He then asks her to say the 1st lesson n she says i love u n he faints again n goes saying class over today. He goes home anita comes n says ohh vibhu so nice you have n says how was your first day of job today? He says dont stick to me n says it was nice. He asks for dinner she says you make it n he says i? He

says i am so tired n you want me to make food? He says i ll sleep empty stomach n she says no i ll make it but he says that no need thanks.

Angoori at night is practicing the poem twinkle twinkle little star. Tiwari comes n sees her n then takes the tablet. He says today it ll be fun as after much time i ll romance angoori. She is yet practicing the poem. He says angoori come to me pagli(mad) come lets romance. She says no i have to study n learn this poem. He says learn it tomorrow. She says says that no i have to learn it today as i have a test tomorrow so i have to say this to vibhuti sir tomorrow. He gets frustrated n irritated n says let that sir go to hell. She says that dont insult my professor. He says ok but you study tomorrow. She saya no n runs away. He shouts n gets frustrated. Vibhuti is writing some notes n anita comes there n tries to romance n tickles him. He says what are you doing cant you see i am working. She says work is not done at night and while working you forget that you have a wife. He says yes because i work with lots of passion n get engrossed into the work n forget everything. She says you are not some university proffessor to make notes late at night, u r just a tutor. He says let me work dont disturb me. He gets angoori’s call then n she says should say the poem twinkle twinkle. He says yes yes say. She recites the poem but all in vain as she pronounces everything incorrectly. He keeps the phone aside for some time while she is reciting as its all wrong, but she asks him how is it so he says that she said properly. He says that but you are not a foreigner so change your accent n say twinkle twinkle instead of winkle winkle n he was correcting her further but anita comes n snatches his phone n says this is not the time to teach.

Its morning, vibhuti is teaching angoori n he asks her to say “I am falling in love with you”, but she says failing instead of falling despite his attempts to correct her. He says that your problem is pronounciation n her basics are not clear. Tiwari calls out to angoori angrily. Vibhuti says to her to say to tiwari that what happened blo*dy fool? He comes there n says that what are you saying angoori n asks her for breakfast n says you havent made any food. She doesnt respond. Vibhuti says to her to say to tiwari that why are you asking so many questions u idiot? She says that n tiwari says to vibhuti that you are teaching my wife wrong english how dare you..? Vibhuti says i talk only to my students. He then keeps on correcting angoori with the word questions but he fails to correct her despite of his many attempts. Tiwari frustrated at all of this goes from there to anita. Anita talks to her friend minal n says that i am tired of working n says vibhuti has left all work on me due to his teaching. She says i am fed up now. Tiwari comes n says even i am fed up of this. She says to her friend that she’ll call later. Tiwari says that due to vibhuti n angoori’s english class even i am fed up. He says that she is learning english as if she is going to go to america tomorrow. Anita says yes n says vibhuti is teaching english as if he is going to join oxford tomorrow. Anita says swe i am working so much since morning. He says yes it looks as if a queen made to work forcefully by a jobless person. Anita says that you spoke too much. He says yes i know cause i am very hungry i havent eaten anything. She says then go eat in the hotel. He says if i would get some food cooked by you. She says that i am sorry i cooked food only for myself as i am very tired. She goes. Tiwari says anita sometimes shoo’s me away like a fly in the milk.

Precap:- Tiwari says to angoori that i challenge you if you speak englush fluently i ll be you student. She says i agree to your challenge n i will make you my student.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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