Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anguri crying for laddo. Tiwari says dont take tension and we will get laddo. Happu singh comes from behind. Tiwari says dont be so disturbed and happu singh will do something. Anguri says what will he do and he always takes bribe. Happu says its not about that and i have searched kanpur but will try my best. Tilu comes crying and says laddo is missing and it is so bad. Tilu says that i need laddos clothes as i will go and show the people that these are laddos clothes and find him somewhere. Tiwari doubts. Vibhu comes and says i am ashamed. Happu says what ashamed and how could you sleep? Vibhu says i was tired and thats why slept and so i couldnt get up. Saxena comes running and says happu singh i know who has kidnapped laddo? Happu asks who? Saxena says he heard last

night tika malkhan and vibhu talking about some kidnapping. Vibhu says no i did not kidnap laddo. Happu singh says that i will ask tika and malkhan only.
He goes at tea stall. Tika and malkhan says who kidnapped laddo and did you get anything? Happu singh says yes and gets up and hits them both. They say what? Happu says tell me all the truth or else i will get you beaten. Tika and malkhan tell happu singh that they were given 5000rs money by vibhu to kidnap laddo but they did not kidnap him and someone else did. Happu says oh and takes them home.
At home tiwari anguri anita and vibhu are there. Tika malkhan and happu singh come and they tell the truth about vibhu. Vibhu is ashamed and anita says i should have never married a criminal like you. Vibhu says i am vibhuti but not a criminal. Happu says okay now come lets go to the police station. Vibhu tells anguri i have not kidnapped laddo as we planned it but did not kidnap him and someone else took him. Everyone is thinking who did it. Happu says everyone keep your phones started and u can get a call of the kidnappers.
At tikus house, laddo is eating breakfast and tilu says how is it and its anguris handmade. Laddo says wow and how did you get it? Tilu says i got it quietly when no one was seeing me. Laddo says now its your time to call tiwari and ask him for your money. Tiku says okay. Laddo says ask your amount and make a different voice. Tilu says okay and calls tiwari. He asks him for 50,151rs and then he will give laddo and send anguri to give the money. Tiwari says okay i will give you all the amount but dont do anything to laddo. Tilu keeps the phone. Laddo and tiku laugh and laddo says now you will get your money.
Vibhu comes and says you dont give tge money and as it happened because of me then we will give the money. Tiwari says okay.
At night tilu is standing covered in burkha at the dustbin and anguri comes with money. Tiwari and vibhu are hiding. Laddo goes and hides. Anguri asks that if she saw any kidnapper and a kid? Tilu says that i am that man and give the money first and i will give you laddo. Anguri gives the money and says check it. She says now give me laddo. Tilu calls laddo. Laddo comes. Anguri says wow you are fine and i love you lots. She asks laddo that did the kidnapper trouble you? Laddo says no and i had fun with him. Tilu says i will go now. Tiwari and vibhu come and catch tili and say wait and where are you going. They uncover him and see its tilu. Everyone is shocked. Tiwari slaps him and says why did you do this? Tilu says laddo made me kidnap him. Laddo says yes its not tilus mistake and i saw it in a movie that an owner does not give his servant his salary so the kid tells servant to kidnap him. Tiwari and vibhu tell you shouldnt learn such things from movies. Anguri says promise me you wont do this next time. Laddo says okay. Vibhu takes his moeny and goes. Tilu asks his salary from tiwari. Tiwari says when the time will come i will give you. Tilu cries as everyone go.

Precap: tika and malkhan are reading about the swiss bank black money account holders names. Vibhu tells anguri that he has 5000crores in swiss bank. Tiwari calls the CBI.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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