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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with tika and malkhan at tea stall. Tika says that he knows a baba who will give them a thread and if they put that thread on any girl then that girl will be theirs. Malkhan says what? And says come one then what are we waiting for lets go to that baba. Happu singh comes. Malkhan dashes happu singh. Happu singh slaps him and tika and malkhan go. Tiwari comes and sits. He tells happu singh that he wants a bike or scooter and wants to learn it. Vibhu comes and sits. Vibhu says he can teach him to drive one instead of going to a motor driving school. Tiwari says thats good and he will buy one sxooter the. Happu singh tells give me money and bribe and i will lend you one scooter. Tiwari says ok and gives him the money.
At home at night anita gets a call and its minal.

She tells that her new car has come. Anota congratulates her and minal asks when will your car come? Anita says i dont know when. Vibhu comes. Anita says i will call later. Vibhu asks what happened? Anita says minal got her car. Vibhu says now will be the party. Anita says shut up and when will you buy a car and atleast buy a bike. Vibhu says the cost is much. Vibhu says lets go in the room. There anita tells vibhu that in a week she wants a bike at any cost. Vibhu says from where do i bring the money? Anita says i dont know and i want a bike and sleeps. Vibhu is in tension.
Next day tuwari comes with scooter and vibhu goes to teach. Vibhu says he will take 500rs per hour. Tiwari says then instead i will go to a motor training school. Vibhu says they will take 5000 rs per hr and will teach for 15 days but i will teach you in 3 days. Tiwari says ok. Vibhu starts giving all knowledge who made the bike. Tiwari says just teach me how to drive and this knowledge is of no use. Vibhu says you need to know the basics. Pelu looks at them. In this way vibhu bores up tiwaro and instead of teaching how to drive he teaches tiwari all useless knowledge. Its night and pelu come. Vibhu realises its night and tells tiwari that go now and we will learn rest tomorrow and tells as i taught for 8 grs then the fees will be 4000. Tiwari is shocked as he did not know how to drive still he is taking money.
There anita comes out in morning for grooming classes. Tiwari comes with his scooter and anita says wow you have a scooter and please drop me as i am getting no auto. Tiwari says ok and they both go. A romantic song plays and both anita and tiwari are singing and dancing on it. It seemstiwari is dreaming as he sings that song at night and kisses tilu on cheek and tilu gets up. He wakes tiwari up.tiwari asks what happened? Tilu says now nothing has happened yet and it woukd have happened and says you kissed me in sleep. Tilu says he will tell everything to mom. Tiwari says what and starts beating comes down and says what is happening and why are you hitting ny child. Tilu tells everything to mom and mom slaps tiwari and asks why did you do this? Tiwari says it is hereditary as dad told him that even you did this to him in sleep. Mom says ok now sleep and tells tilu if tiwari does this again then tell her and she will beat this bull. Mom goes.tiwari shouts tilu and sleeps. Tilu also sleeps saying if he does anything in sleep then they both will not be capable of showing their face to the world.
Next day vibhu comes to teach tiwari. Vibhu says lets learn the basics. Tiwari says shut up and since yesterday you are doing this and teach me how to drive. Vibhu says ok sit here and put 4th gear. Tiwari says but usually we put 1st? Vibbu says you want to learn quickly so put 4th. Tiwari puts 4th. Vibhu accelerate and leave the clutch quickly. Tiwari does as said and goes fast ahead. Happu singh is coming and tiwari crashes and they fall. Vibhu laughs from behind. Happu singh says what us this and asks licence. Tiwari says he will make after learning. Happu singh says what without licence you are driving on the road and i can take you to the police station but give me 1000rs bribe and i will leave you. Tiwari says ohk and gives.

Precap: vibhu again tells tiwari to put 4th gear and leave clutch fast and as said tiwari does. Happu singh wo is coming hurt and with fractured leg tiwari crashes again.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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