Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vibhu asking tikas forgiveness. Anguri and tiwari come and say whom are u talking to? Vibhu says to tikas soul. Anita comes and tells its not tikas soul. Vibhu says what and I am only rj rocky and I am sorry for doing this. Anita forgives him. Episode ends.
At night vibhu is standing under anguris house balcony. He looks at the moon and says that he cant stay without looking at anguri and vibhu takes stairs and puts it on the balcony and climbs halfway when saxena comes and asks vibhu what is he doing? Vibhu gets down. Saxena tells why are u entering the house of my bhabhima without permission and I will bash u. vibhu slaps him and tells he was just moving the staircase as it was already kept there and any thief can climb it. Saxena says okay then lets put it

down. He takes it and goes and keeps it. Vibhu slaps saxena and he goes. As vibh is going home he sees tiwari in undergarments coming down. Vibhu goes and hides. Tiwari covers his face and goesfrom the town. Vibhu is in doubts.
Next day as anita is reading paper she tells that in news the chaddi baniyan gang has created chaos in the city and vibhu says he knows their leader. Anita asks whi? Vibhu tells its tiwari and he saw him go yesterday in undergarments. Anita says whatever and tiwari cant be that and he is such a coward and he himself gets beaten up by other people. Vibhu is in doubt. The same night vibhu again hides in his frontyard and is looking at tiwaris house. Saxena come and says why are you spying on anguris house and go away. Vibhu slaps saxena. Saxena goes saying I like it. As vibhu hides tilu comes with a bag and also in undergarments and howls. Tiwari comes down in undergarmenst too. Both of them cover their faces and go. Vibhu says that so they both are the sole members of chaddi baniyan gang and they are robbing people. Happu singh is coming and he is injured and is wearing undergarments. Vibhu stops him and asks him what happened? He tells that he got robbed by two members of chaddi baniyan gang and they took his clothes too. Vibhu says that sad and he will help him in catching them both.
At tea stall next day tiwari and tilu come and sit and tilu says they made a good profit yesterday and today they will get more. Tiwari says yes and they will be rich soon. Vibhu looks at tiwari and tillu and he tells happu that he will fake about having money here and they both will listen and will come atmy house to rob tonight. Happu says okay start it. Vibhu is telling happu singh loudly that he has 5 lakh rupees in his cash box at home and they are safe and no one can take it. Vibhu goes and hapu singh too. Tiwari tells tilu that this man is dumb and he announced it so loudly.
At night vibhu and happu singh are spying on tiwaris house. Tilu comes there in undergarments with a bag and howls to call tiwari. Tiwari comes down from balcony. Vibhu says see they both are the members of chaddi baniyan gang. Happu says yes and lets take them out. Vibhu says yes and happu removes gun and they both go and stop tiwari and tilu and start beating them. Anguri comes down from the noise. she asks what happened? Vibhu tells see we caught them both red handed and tiwari is the leader of chaddi baniyan gang and even tilu is a part of it. Tiwari says shut up and he is not a leader and he and tilu go at night to sell undergarments to the truck drivers at the highway so that they get profit. Vibhu says why in this get up then? Tiwari tells because they promote their brand and quality in their undergarments. Anita comes running down and tells everyone that two members of the chaddi baniyan gang robbed her when she was in the rom and they were asking about some 5 lakh rupees which you spoke about at the tea stall. Anita tells before she could beat them they ran away. Tiwari tell see here you were catching us and the real culprits went.

Precap: happu singh tells tika that a family has liked his photo and they want to bring their girls hand in marriage at his house but the boy should have a huge family.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Really an awesome drama , I love the character of Bhabi Jee, and her innocence….

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