Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th July 2018 Written Episode Update Tiwari to marry again.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu on call with Prem says Anu is out and so im having fun oh wait she is calling,and says hello baby i miss you,i dont feel like eating anything,Anu says enough of over acting,dont forget we have cctv in house, Vibhu says you have installed cameras in house you don’t trust me,Anu says be careful iim watching you bye now.Anu says i just took a chance and it worked, there are no cameras.

Tiwari walks in,Vibhu says gets lost she isnt, Tiwari says what nonsense is this,Vibhu says she isnt home leave,Tiwari asks where is she,Vibhu says she isnt in Kanpur,she went out of station for new branch,Tiwari gets hyper and says why out of station she could do it near by too,Vibhu say and who are you to give these suggestions.Tiwari says you know what bhabhiji went there because she is bored

of you,you useless character, hopeless.Vibhu says stay in limits,Tiwrai says i know them and i can look after my wife unlike you infact i can handle two wives and leaves,Vibhu say now you will have two wives and face consequences.

Vibhu in disguise walks to Tiwari house,and says im a baba, Angoori greets him and welcomes him in,and says when i was meditating i saw your face, Angoori asks why is that,Vibhu says because you are very devotional and worship all baba and pandit Rampal is good friend of mine and so im here to alret you,your husband is in danger he is going to die soon,Angoori says why say that,Vibhu say i will help you so that he wont die,and the solution is he has to remarry,Angoori asks what about me,Vibhu says only for a day next morning he has to divorce her ,now pay me fees then i will leave, Angoori says tell me,Vibhu says tell me i love you or else this solution also wont work.Angoori says I love you.

Gulfamkali performing at her bar,Hapu says Gulfamkali your talent i tell you,Tikka says and when you are sad even im sad,Gulfamkali says even i ccant stay without you guys,Malkan says never marry and leave us .

Angoori says where were you i was waiting for you since so long,Tiwari says here i am and always stay so happy and cheerful, Angoori says marry again, and just for a night and divorce her next morning,Tiwari says i get it this is pandit Rampal,Angoori says no no new baba in town he told me,and he said you will die in 15 days,Tiwari says im telling you im doing nothing of such kind,Angoori calls Amaji.

Angoori in garden standing worried.Vibhu walks to her and asks whats wrong, Angoori says yes im very upset,and tells about the solution and marriage thing, Vibhu murmurs its working so, Vibhu says bhabhiji who will do it but,Angoori says thats what im thinking,Vibhu says i have a girl in mind Gulfamkali.

Vibhu walks to Gulfamkali,she asks how come here,Vibhu says Angoori bhabhi is here to see you,Angoori walks in,Gulfamkali says im surprised when did you started taking interest in me, Angoori says i came here with marriage proposal of Tiwari with you. Gulfamkali asks why is it are you giving him divorce, Angoori says no no and explains the situation,Gulfamkali says sorry im not interested,Angoori says please accept my proposal. Gulfamkali says look i understand but please I have some wishes too,Angoori says please for a night,Vibhu says you go I will talk to her.

Vibhu sits beside Gulfamkali and says its upto you how you will stay forever there or just for a night. Angoori tells Tiwari about Gulfamkali and Vibhu will convince her,Tiwrai says why is that useless fellow taking interest in my matters, Gulfamkali walks in.

Pre Cap: Tiwari asks Gulfamkali will you be my one day wife,Gulfamkali says yes i will.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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