Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Two men on road Eve teasing,they stop a girl and say we send you so many messages but you never reply,she says you send such dirty messages don’t you have eticates I shall complain about you in police,Bittu says let me harass you then you can go complain,Anita passing by stops and says how dare you, Bittu says leave or else even you won’t be spared,Anita says okay try mess with me,Bittu says you have no idea who I am,Vibhu says and why are you fighting,Anita says good you came teach them a lesson that they shall never trouble a girl,Vibhu says calm done and goes catches bittus feet and says please forgive her,Bittu bhaiya we are sorry,Anita says Vibhu,Vibhu says shut up,Bittu says I spare her this time but next time I won’t and leaves,Anita slaps Vibhu and leaves.


walks to teacher and gives him tea,and says I’m going market laddu and teacher do stay I shall give you snacks when I come back,teacher says laddu concentrate both questions are interrelated,Tiwari comes downstairs talking loud on phone and says I need payment and don’t you dare use slangs and keeps the phone,teacher says I’m teaching him don’t disturb,Tiwari says I have always told you study inside,teacher remove his stick and gives Tiwari nice walking on his bum and says you have no manners lets go laddu.

Tilu walks in and says sir fear god,Tiwari says we are in loss in lakhs,Tilu says you eat my salary I’m aready in loss,Tiwari says where did this come from,Panditji walks in,Tiwari says move aside Tilu let Panditji sit,Tilu says show some respect,Tiwari says I’m in loss Panditji in lakhs,Panditji says I read your kundali there’s Rahu and so these losses,Tilu says ask this Rahu to give him brains to give my salary,Tiwari says get out and Tilu says greedy sir and leaves,Tiwari asks any solution,Panditji says there is but a weird one,you have to Ill treat Anguri bhabhi,Tiwari says I haven’t done this but for business I will.

Anita says Vibhu how dare you,Vibhu asks what you want me to fight,Anita says yes but you were scared,I would be proud if you would be beaten in saving us but you made me so ashamed,Vibhu says it’s no use of pulling this topic this happens every now and then,Anita says because we have men like you who are coward,Vibhu says look Bittu is ajgar Singh son and the other boy was his cousin,sAnita says I don’t care I can fight anyone,Vibhu says you have no idea how dangerous are they,Anita says I will complain but you sit and wear bangles, happu walks in and says you are right,bangles will look good on him also give him bindi and a saree.

Anita says good you came I wanna lodge a complain against too goons,happu says I shall drag them in jail who troubled you,Anita says good to know at least someone cares,they didn’t eve teased me but some other girl,happu says tell me,Anita says it’s Bittu and his cousin and it’s Ajgar Singh son Bittu,happu says politician ajgar singh, don’t worry this goons I can’t but other goons i will,Anita says you wear bangles too,happu leaves,Vibhu says come out of your dreamy world this is how the world runs and Vibhu leaves,Anita says I have to do something.

Tiwari says I have to Ill treat Anguri for business but my Anguri poor thing she never gives me a chance I’m sorry Anguri,come inside now so I can shout. Anguri walks in with a flower and says haven’t you slept,Tiwari shouts no I haven’t any problem,Anguri says no,stay awake,Tiwari says so you want me to stay awake and fall ill,Anguri says go to sleep,Tiwari says so you can blame me that I sleep a lot,do you think I’m a mad man,Anguri starts crying and says I never think this way you hurt me,I won’t talk to you and leaves,Tiwari says okay go go and yells at her,Tiwari say sorry god this was too much now I want my money.

Anita on call says theses men are useless they have no courage I’m upset with every men in colony,Vibhu keeps coming and asking for what she would eat and Anita keeps asking him to get lost,Anita sees Anguri in balcony crying and asks what’s wrong,Anguri says I’m hurt,he scolds me a lot without any reason,I thought a lot but found no mistake I have done,Anita says these men show their power on us but where they need to they are coward you know when today in market I asked Vibhu to fight for a girl he didn’t,even happu Singh is similar,Anguri says is Vibhutiji so coward,Anita says yes I feel like giving him bangles,I have to do something,Anguri says good night.

Anita hears tikka and malkhan and calls them and says did I hear right,you just eve teased a girl and are back,tikka malkhan deny and say we just watched a movie,wear a women turns to a cat women and teaches every villain a lesson,she is called cat girl,tikka says malkhan it would be so good if we would have a cat girl,malkhan says she will first teach us a lesson,ok bye bhabhi,Anita says ok ok bye and then smiles.

Bittu and cousin together,Bittu says find about that white lady, how dare she go against me,look who put of the music and they hear a cat mew,Bittu says look did cat enter the car and see cat girl on car roof top.

Pre cap : Tiwari says if you use this water here in garden what will I bathe with,Anguri says why are you shouting isn’t it good to water plants,Tiwari says why are they your relatives,Anita sees Tiwari misbehaving with Anguri.
At night Tiwari things it’s Anguri in room but it’s cat girl,she gives nice wacking on his back.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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