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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, vibhuti agrees tat he will give u 15 shocks every day and saxena says thank you and says tat I will never let u down and vibhuti asks saxena to wear uniform and start his job he then calls next but then gets up as the interview is over he then goes to anguris house and then he gets a call from mr.mehta he asks anguri to hold on for a second and asks mr.mehta to give him plans because he wants to invest some 2 to 3 crore rupess pls do let me know and hungs up and then anguri asks how r u and then vibhuti says I m good and she says tat ur bracelet is nice and vibhuti says do u want it and anguri says no I don’t want thank you and then vibhuti says tat I knew u were searching for a banarasi sari and so I have brought this expensive saree which costs just 35,000 rs

and then angur says so nice of u and says when amaji will get to know this she will be very happy and he asks y amaji and then she says I don’t wear banarasi sarees but amaji wanted one she will be very happy to know this and goes in to tell this to amaji and vibhuti says this time ok but I will still buy fr u and leaves
Tiwari is having his breakfast and asks anguri to bring tea and she asks how our life would have been if we were rich like vibhuti and tiwari says wat do u mean by rich like him we are rich and anguri says they are very rich and bell rangs and anguri goes to open door and says u don’t keep good relations with everyone and tilu comes in and says to anguri and tiwari tat repair ur bell or I will become bald and tiwari says when u know the bell is not proper y u ring it and then anguri asks tilu bhaiya do u want anything to eat and he says yes I m very hungry and tiwari says no need but she goes in and tilu says to tiwari now pls make it final I m working without salary today give my entire salary which is 80,000 rs and comes in vibhuti and says tilu boy don’t worry tilu gets up and asks vibhuti to sit and then he asks how much salary is due and he says 80,000 and vibhuti then gives 1 lakh rs to him and anguri comes and vibhuti tells her tat I have paid his salary on behalf of tiwari and anguri says thank u u r a very nice person and then tiwari asks tilu to go to shop but tilu says I will not work with u and asks vibhuti if he has a job for him and vibhuti says u can be my personal secretary and says tat I will pay u 30,000 rs and food will all be given to u and tilu agrees and then vibhuti says now I will leave and tilu asks let me know if u want to sell ur shop and goes and anguri says y r u so kanjus.
Malkhan and tika bring a box inside house and anita asks wat is this and vibhuti comes and says tat this is led tv and anita says y r u spending so much money before u have got any money and vibhuti says I will return it once I get it and then comes in pandey ji and anita asks how r u and he says very fine and then gives 5 lakh rs and anita says tat y now and pandey says tat its ok bhabhiji and says the total os 10 lakh rs he has already took 5 lakh from me don’t worry I know he will return and then vibhuti says if further in future u need 1 or 2 crore do let me know I will definitely give and he says ok and he asks wat would u have and he says hot and cold both and then malkhan brings and pandey drinks it and goes and anita tries telling vibhuti tat u should not spend so much money but vibhuti says its ok I will return and then he says I m going to club I will have food there and he leaves
vibhuti goes to tiwaris house along with tilu and calls anguri tilu says tat he has call from the crorepati club they want to make u the president of their club and he says give them appointment for next Friday and comes tiwari he then tells them he is here to invite u for dinner and tiwari says we will not come and anguri says tat lets go we will also get to see how rich people live and tilu says come u will get to know how rich people and then tiwari asks him to keep quiet as he left his job and then anguri and tiwari says yes we will come and vibhuti leaves along with tilu
Tiwari is going to vibhutia house and saxena stops him as he is security guard there and tiwari says tat so u r here doing job and saxena says tat I m watch man here and whom do u want to meet and he says vibhuti and then saxena calls in and tilu receives it and asks who is there and saxena says tat its manmohan tiwari and tilu says throw him out and saxena starts pushing tiwari and there comes anita and asks who is there and tells saxena to send tiwari in and then saxena checks him and comes anguri and says to saxena tat he is not a thief and tiwari says tat we r going to meet a vibhuti so he is checking and saxena says bhabhi its my duty and anguri then asks saxena tat he was going to go London then wat happen and tiwari says tat whom u r asking and then they go in and anita welcomes anguri and tiwari and asks then to take seat and then she hugs anguri and anguri says tat u look beautiful ur dress is really nice and then anita says its designer vibhuti has asked me to wear only designer dresses and anita then says tat anguri ur sari is also good anguri says mine is not rich like u its regular and comes vibhuti and tilu follows him he comes and sits beside tiwari and tilu gives him his personal phone and business phone and then malkhan brings welcome drink first serves to anguri and then takes the tray to tiwari while vibhuti picks up the glass and gives it tilu and sasy drink it or throw and then he asks anguri tat wat would she like to have for dinner he has made his cook prepare different cusines like Italian,Mexican ,Brazilian and calls his cook and he is tika anguri says tat I have never heard these names and I like Indian food and then anita says I knew it u like Indian cusine so for u specialy I have asked to cook panner,chapatil,dal and then anita asks tika to serve anguri Indian cusine and he says ok mam

Anita asks tika to serve Indian cusine to anguri and then she asks tiwari wat would u have Brazilian,Italian and vibhuti says pamerian and tiwari asks wat is it and vibhuti says its like a dog food and tiwari says thank u but I don’t want it I will have Chinese veg food and anita then asks tika to serve tiwari Chinese veg and he says yes and goes in and vibhuti then thanks anguri for coming to dinner and says lets enjoy this evening laughing and they are seen on the dinner table and vibhuti says lets have dinner noe and he claps and malkhan plsces a napkin on vibhutis lap and then anita claps and he places napkin on her laps and then anita asks anguri to also clap and she claps and malkhan places napkin on her laps and then vibhuti asks tiwari to clap he claps but no one places a napkin on his laps and then vibhuti throws it towards him and then vibhuti again claps and malkhan places a spoon on his plate and then tiwari also claps but no one gives anything and then vibhuti indicates him to give and tika gives him chopsticks and tiwari takes it and looks surprised .

Doctor tells tiwari tat he is ur relative and before he died he gave me this chit to give to u and tiwari reads tat u r my step son and after my death my property of 50 crore will be given to u and tiwari gets very happy

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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