Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with tiwari doing exercise and few boys of other mohalla saying that this is the same guy Tiwari who is playing against us in the hockey team. They say that we will teach him a lesson and we will Bash him up. They call him there and say that you are playing against US in the hockey team you want us to live what do you think you can play hockey very well we will show you know how to play hockey. Tiwari says no no its not done by me are coach instigating us against you and he is the one who is training us. The boys say how does your coach look, Tiwari says that he was a whistle in his neck with a stopwatch and a hockey in his hand. The boys say that now we will go and bash him up. The boys go and Tiwari cheers that now Vibhuti will get beaten up by these boys and he gets

happy thinking about this. Prem comes to meet Vibhuti, he says that I have been calling you since many days but you are not receiving my calls. Vibhuti says I am training our town people for playing hockey against the other mohalla team. Prem says you don’t know to play hockey he says give me your whistle, stopwatch n hockey I want to see how it looks on me. Vibhuti says take this but be careful don’t whistle or girls will come in Bash you up thinking you are whistling at them n he goes in to get drinks. The boys come and see Prem in whistle stopwatch and hockey. They assume him to be the coach and hit him blue and red and go away. Tiwari says oh god they have hit the wrong person. Vibhuti comes out and says Prem what are you doing leaning down are you searching anything. He gets prem up n says who has beaten you up I told you not to whistle or girls will beat you up. Prem says boys had come to beat you up as you were the coach but the mistaken it to be me and bashed me up. Vibhuti gets thinking. Next day Anita tells everyone that the other mohalla boys came to bash up vibhuti bt prem got beaten up. She says someone gave them tip to hit vibhuti from our team. Saxena says its tiwari and he only told those boys I heard it by myself yesterday. Vibhuti anita and others get emotional as vibhuti says I m helping the team and getting u’ll trained and you did this and I am very hurt. Bibhuti ask Anita to punish Tiwari as she is the captain. Anita says I remove tiwari from the team. Tiwari get sad and says don’t do this I’m sorry. Next day Tiwari goes and apologize to Anitha and Vibhuti. Vibhuti speaks like Lakhan from Lagaan n anita n tiwari wonder what happened to him. Then vibhuti decides that he will take tiwari in team. Anita announces this n says that coach decided to forgive tiwari n take him in the team. Vibhuti speaks about team spirit n hockey n his uncle comes n says what is going on. Vibhuti says why did u come now go from here we are busy. Angoori tiwari anita say let him be here he will cheer us up. Uncle says he doesn’t know how to play hockey n infact he got beaten up in school from the hockey team girls. Vibhuti says u dont know anything. The principal of his school comes n says but I know everything n I am the principal of his school. He doesn’t know any sport n knows only how to play cards game n he teased a girl from hockey team so all the girls bashed him up. Tiwari laughs everyone gets angry n rin behind with hockey sticks including anita, angoori, saxena, tika, malkhan n tilu to hit him. Episode ends.

Precap: Anita tells angoori call ammaji for 7 days to stay as I want to make a documentary on daughter in law n mother in law’s relationship so that all mother in law’s n daughter in law’s can see this n get their relationship changed in a good way. Tiwari thinks if amma comes she’ ll make me mad n keep on taunting me. Vibhuti thinks if ammaji comes he won’t get to meet angoori much.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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