Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with saxena walking and looking at a ring his mother gave him. He cries and says i miss u a lot mom and since you have gone everyone calls me mental though i am one but it feels bad and so he is deciding to end his life. Anguri and anita are there in frontyard and they hear this. They feel bad. Saxena takes a bottle and drinks it. Anguri and anita scream and say what are you doing? He says i am drinking honey and later i will go and kill myself in a temple. Anguri and anita say no and tell they will adopt him and give him mothers love. Anguri says yes she will keep him whole day and anita will keep him at night.
At home anguri is feeding saxena. Tiwari comes and asks whats happening? Anguri tells she has adopted saxena and he is their child from now. Tiwari says

from which angle do i think this guy is a child and he is mental and stop this stuff. Anguri tells even anita has adopted him. Tiwari says to himself that anguri is boredom but anita is more boredom then her. Saxena listens and tells anguri that tiwari called you boredom. Anguri cries and says what are you saying in front of a child.
At night vibhu comes and sleeps beside saxena thinking to be anita. He says baby please press my back and vibhu sleeps on face. Saxena gets up and sits on vibhus back and gives him massage. Vibhu says do it gently. Then he sees its saxena and he jumps from bed and says what the hell are you doing? Saxena says dad i am your son. Anita comes out of bathroom. She tells she and anguri have adopted saxena. Saxena says yes and she is yashod maa and anguri is parvati maa and you and tiwari are my dad. Vibhu says get out of my house and you are an old brat and not a child and get out. Anita says he will not go anywhere. Vibhu says how dou u think that this mental is a child? Anita says dont say that and he is my son. Then she tells he will sleep with them in their room. Vibhu asks where in the middle. Saxena says i like it. Vibhu looks at anita.
Next day in kitchen anguri and saxena are there. Vibhu comes and tells what have you done anguri ji and you adopted this fool and by any angle does he look like a kid? Anguri says he is ny kid now and i love him. Saxena tells vibhu that go and do some work or drown in a handful of water. Vibhu slaps saxena. Anguri says why did u do this and if u do it again i will hit you. Vibhu says what? Then saxena tells from when i and anguri mom are insulting you but you are not going and what shall we do about you. Vibhu tells anguri see there is tiwari anguri looks back and vibhu slaps saxena thrice and goes. Anguri then sees again and saya why did u hit him vibhu.
tiwari comes at anitas house. He says that people are making stories about you and what did you do? Anita says what? Tiwari tells you adopted a mental old fool and dont do that and tell anguri not to adopt him. Anita says he is my son from now and dont teach me. Tiwari says anguri is boredom but you are intelligent and do something. Saxena hears this and says to tiwari that you called my mom boredom and he bashes up tiwari and pubches him and goes.
Outside anita anguri and saxena have come. They sit in the auto as they are going out. Tiwari tells vibhu he is your son. Vibhu says no he is. Anguri anita and saxena go. Vibhu tells what type of a man is this and he is mannerless and slept between us yesterday. Tiwari says yes they should do something about this mental saxena. A guy comes and asks them where is saxena? Tiwari and vibhu ask why? He tells that he came to tell about saxenas property worth of 3 crore rupees.

Precap: vibhu is telling saxena you are my child. Tiwari tells anguri to tell anita that leave saxena now and they will only adopt him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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