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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anguri bringing tea for tiwari. She sits and smiles and says tiwari do you think Jackie will take me in his film? Tiwari says not at all and you are boredom and anita will win I am sure and actresses in his film are modern and anita is modern. There vibhu says anguri will win and actresses in jackies film are boredom and of old type so anguri will win and not you. Anita is angry. There anguri says you are bad and goes sad and throws glasses from kitchen. Tiwari laughs and says whatever happens anita will win.
Jackie shroff comes and everyone welcome him. Jackie sits in angruis house. Everyone sit. Jackie says so the actresses have been finalized and actually you both are selected. Anguri and anita are happy and hug. Tiwari and vibhu say congrats bhabhiji.

Jackie says sit down so they both will coke for 2 months with me for shooting. Vibhu and tiwari say what? And we cant live without bhabhiji, I mean our wives. Jackie gets a call and it’s the producer. He keeps and says actually my son tigers movie will be shot first so mine will take time so relax but we will shoot. Gulfam says even take me. Jackie says who are you? Gulfam says I am the one whom everyone priass and I am gulfam kali. Gulfam says can I present a small performance please? Jackie says yeah sure. Gulfam dances on an item song. Jackie says that’s nice. Jackie says I will go, everyone say no wait at least lets talk with you for some time please. After convincing Jackie says okay and says lets have tea and some snacks. Anguri says I will bring and goes in kitchen for making suttu juice.
Vibhu comes as anguri is making and says hello bhabhiji. Anguri says go out as Jackie is there. Vibhu says everyone is out and you alone here that is why I came. Anguri says what? Vibhu says nothing you are alone here so I came to help. Anguri says no need thank you but I have almost done everything. Vibhu says actually there is some suttu on your cheek. Anguri says where? Vibhu says wait I will remove. Vibhu blows air on anguris cheek, while blowing air, they both start dancing on a song romantically. Suddenly vibhu opens eyes and it’s a dream. Angrui says did that suttu go? vibhu says oh yes bhabhiji.
Outside Jackie drinks suttu juice and says wow this is really nice and I will surely come here again for this and he laughs. Everyone laugh. Anita says so since when did you start saying bidu? And what does it mean? Jackie says actually my dad used to say that there is no friend in the world my friend and I always believed my friends and I started calling them bidu and bidu can mean friend or best friend or patel or whatever. Anita says it has another advantage and if you don’t remember someone you met a long time ago then you can call them bidu. Jackie says yes I do that and everyone laugh.
Happu singh says actually what roles you played were most of respectable and honest police officers but I take bribe as I don’t get enough money being honest and I have 9 kids and wife and can you give me a solution? Jackie says call your bidu and tell her that I have to be honest and will live in what we get as I have a uniform. Malkhan says can you teach me how to be a bhai in the town, Jackie says why do good and being bhai wont do anything.
Vibhu asks so in the film industry how did you come? Jackie says I used to live on streets and started working in a travel agency and one day an accountant came and said why don’t you do modeling and you have body and height and I have contacts and can make you a model. Jackie says then I gave my picture and then later I became a model and one day subhash ghai saw me modeling and took me In the 2nd lead in my first movie and I was devanand in that and he was dev so everything in my life became good because of his blessings. Everyone say that’s nice.
Happu says in the film industry only you and anil kapoor are known for your moustache and you both did a movie and you had a slap scene in that, how was it? Jackie says I had to slap anil and in the first take it was right but he said do it again, so we had that scene 17 times but in the first time it was right.
Anita and anguri says you have a good style and live according to modernity and your personality is good too and anguri says I told tiwari so many times to have style and live according to bollywood stars and mostly like you. Vibhu says yes actually Jackie you have a good style quotient and that’s is actually nice, and even now look at your awesome jeans and it totally reflects your personality even with that beard. Jackie laughs and says yeah that’s nice and says everyone learn from me.
Tiwari says sir actually so many actors do undergarments advertisements and why don’t you do 1 for me and promote my undergarments company and I will also give fees. Vibhu says if he takes fees even you will have to sell what you are wearing. Jackie laughs and says not that its okay I will do it sometime.
Anguri says we heard you cook well. Jackie says actually I didn’t do any course and learnt from my mother and she used to cook so with the smell and taste I learnt and even applied for hotel management but I didn’t have fees so didn’t do that but see became and actor. Vibhu says you always stay and fit and cook your own food and ever happens someone at the set steals food from your tiffin. Jackie says yeah happens but mostly we all share and staying fit is good and I always do exercises and even at the shooting set while shooting I exercise.
Tika says actually we both saw your movie hero and wanted to tease women but no one comes to us and we flirt with them still they don’t so what do we do? Jackie says first respect girls and stay fit and keep yourself clean which you are not and I am not insulting you but those are the necessities and if you keep yourself clean they will come to you. Tika says okay.
Tiwari says my wife anguri has a lot of problem in English and teach her. Anguri says what? My English is very good and once in school I spoke in English and everyone was shocked and I still remember and should I tell it? Tiwari says no please its okay. Anguri says no I will say and says a story that has half words Bhojpuri. No one understands but Jackie says wow and everyone praise.
Saxena says you did a ghost horror film and how do you think horror films are? Jackie says they are good and once we had a scene while shooting and there was a cracking sound and everyone got scared and laughs. Everyone laugh.
Gulfam kali says what about dance and do you dance? Jackie says yeah in movies but not naturally but I like dancing. Jackie says from where did you learn dancing? Gulfam says from some very eager people who want women. Everyone look at each other and Jackie laughs. Then he says so now I have to go. gulfam convince Jackie to dance with everyone.
They all dance on a song from jackies movie and saxena at end says I like it.

Precap: next Saturday new year special all tv actors from various show on AndTv come. Tiwaris mom is performing on stage.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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