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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with happu singh going inside the bedroom. He then coughs a little to wake up anita. And sings the song jingle bell. Happu singh tells that he has brought gifts for you anu. Tiwari says just get lost as she is sleeping. Happu singh says dont send me away like this as he has become santa claus for her. Tiwari acting like anita tells that she is sleeping. Happu singh says what has happened to your voice? Tiwari says she was feeling cold so she drank beer. Happu singh says ok and tells but take his gifts and as promised he wants a kiss. Tiwai says come beside him. Happu singh goes and sits ther. He tellshim to cose eyes as she feels shy. Tiwari then gives a kiss to vibhu. Happu singh thinks it was anitas kiss he becomes happy and goes. Tiwari thinks what a day it is as he

had to kiss vibhuti.
At anguris house, anita and anguri are eating sweets. anguri asks why is she eating so less? Anita tells she is on diet and if anguri also eats like her then she will also become like her. Anguri says no as if she goes on diet then she suffers from weakness. Anita says ok. Vibhu sees this and says why does she want to make anguri slim in one day? Anita says down that she should go now as vibhu must have come. Anita tells anguri you too come as tiwari has still not come. Anguri goes with her. Then anita tells her you proceed an go in my house and i will go and take my phone which i forgot in your bedroom. Anguri says ok and goes. Tiwari then listens to the gate sound and thinks anita mst be coming and he stands. Anguru opens the door. Tiwari screams with shockness. At anguris bedroom. Vibhu is standing and he is waiting for anguri. But anita comes. He screams too. Anguri there says she knows now that it is tiwari. Tiwari says he is santa claus. Anguri says she knows its him. Tiwari says ok. Anguri says what is he doing at anitas house. Tiwari says nothing and he just saw her coming here so he thought of becoming santa at anitas house. Anguri says ok and asks forthe gift. Tiwari gives her the gift and anguri kisses him on the cheeks. At anguris bedroom , anita says she knows its vibhu and what is he doing at anguris house? Vibhu tells he saw her coming so he came there and became santa claus. Anita says so sweet and she asks for the gift. Vibhu gives the gift and gets a kiss on the cheeks in return.
In the morning next day. Anguri gets a call from her aunt who lives in shimla. Aunt says it cold there and is snowing. She tells it must be so amazing and she loves snow but has never seen it. Then she says that she will one day come to shimla. She keeps the phone and calls tiwari down. Vibhu is seeing all this from outside. She tells tiwari that she wants to see snow and ice and has never seen it. Tiwari says go and see it in the freezer. Vibhu outside says that this man has got such a poor sense of humour. Anguri tells him she wants to see real snow that falls from the sky and she wants to go to shimla. Tiwari says nothing. Anguri tells will he take het to shimla or no? Tiwari says is she asking him or ordering him? Anguri gets sad and takes the phone. She calls her mom. Tiwari says why she called ger mom and keep the phone. She keeps it and says she did not call and was just acting. Anguri says will he take her to shimla for 10 days? Tiwari says ok and for 10 days they will go to shimla. Vibhu thinks anguri will go with this useless man and he cant stay there for 10 days.
Anita at her house is reading a magazine(meri chant saheli). It says that if husband is taking his wife out then it doesn’t mean he loves her but it means that he wants to flirt with other women. Anita says its good as vibuu does not take her out so she is safe. Vibhu comes and then sits on the dining table. Anita asks him wherehad he gone? He tells he had gone to meet prem. Then she tells all his friends are useless and characterless and he shouldnt meet prem. He says prem is good and says anyways he wants to tell her something. Anita says what? He tells her that their life has got monotonous and they should go to shimla. Then anita tells him no and tells she knows he wantsto flirt other women and cheat on her. She tells its written in the magazine. Vibhu tells one day that magazine will lead to their divorce. He then tells her that lets go to shimla. Anita says no as she will get cold and she doesn’t want to go there. He tells please. Anita tells no means no and do some work at home. Anita goes for grooming classes. Vibhu then thinks that what should he do to stop anguri? He then gives a cunning smile.

Precap: vibhu is outside anguris kitchen wearing winter clothes. He tells her that the news has said it will be snowing in modern colony. Anguri says what? Vibhu says yes. Then there is snow coming. Anguri gets happy. Tiwari is wearing winter clothes and he goes at anitas house.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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