Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anguri says darling kabadi said this tv can blast n can harm u n I got scared n so gave it away. Vibhuti comes to bedroom, Anita asks where have u come from, Vibhuti says u know from job, Anita says I will keep asking till u give me details n I hope u aren’t getting into some illegal works n I tell u I will hand over to police if I find something fishy, Tiwari calls Vibhuti n says ur brother fooled anguri, Vibhuti says see look I don’t interfere in his business so u deal with him on ur own n be patient with him n leaves.

Anita says Vibhuti I want to see ur brother, Vibhuti says I don’t why are u behind him, he is a loser,Anita says I want to see him that’s it, Vibhuti says ok when I meet him, I will ask him to see u too. Malkha tika n others at tea stall with

TV attached there, tika says I bought it for 2000, now I will sell this to Tiwari in double amount, it’s my new business venture along with darling kabadi,Malkha says u are genius,happu Singh comes there n asks what rubbishness is this, n did anyone see my lungi, I doubt u two must have stolen it, tika says see look we don’t wear lungi,happu Singh says God who is behind my lungi,Malkha says don’t keep it out,n now we deal in export import n not robbery.

Darling kabadi in lungi, Anita hears his voice n calls him n says this is ur brothers house,darling says ur husband is jealous of my work, Anita says better u atleast have a job but Vibhu,darling says I heard u made a house maid out of my brother, Anita says nothing such, he doesn’t work so, forget it, tell me what will u have, darling says alcohol,Anita says no no come lets have tea n we shall have a chat,darling runs away as soon as Anita goes in, Anita comes out n sees darling missing.

Tiwari walks to tea stall, n says tv on tea stall wow,oh this is my tv,tika says it’s mine I bought it from darling kabadi,Tiwari says here’s 2500 n give me back my tv, tika says it’s worth 50000, Tiwari says what deal u want, Malkha says 45000, tiwari says I will compliant against u, tika says u have no proof go do as u wish, Tiwari says u two are like my little brothers n u know ur bhabhi is so upset due to no tv,tika says ok final the deal in 5000, Tiwari hands money n takes away tv.

Happy Singh to Tiwari,whose tv is this, Tiwari says mine,happu says open this tv I have a doubt it has bomb in it, Tiwari says have u lost it, happu sign says open it or else, Tiwari says ok u want bribe right, here 10 Rs n leaves.

A ain’t sees Vibhu hiding something near window, Vibhuti unaware leaves for his room, Anita checks Window n finds kabadi darlings outfits n says God, this means Vibhu is darling kabadi. Tiwari sees gulfamkali, gulfamkali says hi, u never come to see me, Tiwari says plz never u be happy with prem n Vibhuti, gulfamkali says oh cmon I know u adore me too,Tiwari says I never want to see u, plz leave me alone, gulfamkali says u soon will come to see me, just keep in mind, toward says never n leaves.

Next morning, darling goes to anguri says house, anguri says how are u,darling says I love u, anguri says yes miss u janu, darling says what look at this sofa, it’s so old, old springs,Tiwari may sit n sofa may break n harm Tiwari.

Pre cap: Anita dancing with darling kabadi, Tiwari sees them dance. Anguri slips in balcony.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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