Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,tiwari gets angry and comes home cursing vibhuti and anguri asks wat happen wat did he do and tiwari tells tat he has x-ray gaugles and anguri says from past few days i feel tat their is a stone in my stomach and tiwari says tat ok we will go to doctor tomorrow and anguri says tat y go to doctor ask vibhuti to check it and then tiwari tells tat its not tat kind of gaugles and whispher in her ear and anguri screams in shock and runs inside
Vibhuti then leaves his house to meet anguri and in the way he sees a man wearing black gaugles and he then stops him hits him and checks the gaugles and when he finds out tat they r normal gaugles and he then says sorry and goes in he sees anguri is sitting on sofa and working she is angry and upset and vibhuti says hi to

anguri and she does not replies and vibhuti asks her wats wrong and anguri says tat u r very vulgar tiwari has told me tat u have x-ray gaugles and vibhuti says tat yes i admit tat i had cause one of my friend gifted it to me but i did not use it and anguri says i never thought u would be vulgar and vibhuti says tat bhabhiji i m not actually tiwari is very vulgar and anguri says do not say anything to my husband and leaves and vibhuti says tat anguri bhabhi is so innocent
Vibhuti comes out during night time as he is feeling restles and thinks tat he should find the gaugles soon and he turns and sees tat all of them are wearing gaugles and walking like zombies and he screams tat leave him and wakes up and remembers tat it was his dream and he then decides tat he needs to get rid of this tension soon
Tiwari comes in gallery to have some fresh air and he sees tat the gaugles are behind the electric pole near vibhutis house and thinks tat may be these r the x-ray gaugles and comes down and take the gaugles and checks it and thinks tat he can use and sees tat anita comes out talking on her phone and tiwari thinks to see he through the gaugles but his inner voice curses him tat he should not do it and then tiwari says to self tat i will keep this x-ray gaugles aside and anguri hears tat tiwari is having the x-ray gaugles and tiwari also says tat if anguri get to know about these she will get upset and so he goes inside to keep it aside and anguri gets upset and says tat she never thought tat tiwari will ever be so vulgar and she cries
Vibhuti makes coffee for anita and serves her but she is angry and says tat i don’t want to have anything made by your hands i will rather not look at it also and vibhuti says sorry but she does not listen and anguri comes in crying and anita asks her wat happen and anguri sits and tells tat the x-ray gaugles are with tiwari and then anita says wat these men are unbelieveable and then tiwari comes searching for anguri and seeing tiwari anguri and anita run inside and then vibhuti checks the gaugles and indicated them to come out its clear and anguri and anita come out and then anita says to tiwarii tat she never thought tat u would be so vulgar and tiwari asks wat happen and anguri tells tat she knows tat the x-ray gaugles are with him and tiwari says tat ya i have it but i didn’t used it i found it outsides vibhutis house and didn’t use it gods promise and anita says to anguri tat these men are bad they will never do right things and both go in and tiwari and vibhuti go out they sit near the tea stall and tiwari tells tat i didn’t used the gaugles as my inner voice cursed me of doing wrong things and so i stopped my self and vibhuti also says tat same happened with me and then they says tat this means tat we have done nothing but our getting punished by our wives and they then decide to meet them and says sorry and they go home while anita brings coffee for her and anguri and she sees vibhuti and tiwari coming and then they sit beside their respected wives and both of them say sorry to their wives and confess tat they had the gaugles but didn’t used it ever and if they have ever used it they would die right here right now and then anguri and anita gets touched and say tat ok we forgive u and then comes prem vibhutis friend and he asks vibhuti where is the gaugles the x-ray ones tat he gave and vibhuti says tat ur tat gaugles really got me in to difficulty and prem tells him tat actually by mistake i gave u wrong gaugles they were the normal gaugles and this in my hand are the reall ones and seeing him wear these gaugles everyone run inside
Anguri is singing song and cooking food and comes vibhuti and says tat u really sing nice and then says tat i m a very nice person i never say lie people give examples of me as a person who never lies and there comes saxena and says tat u r lieing vibhuti brother and vibhuti says to him tat wat do u know and saxena says tat u r a big liar i can prove it and asks u r not scared of anita bhabhi and then vibhuti says no i m not and then saxena says tat should i inform anita bhabhi about it and vibhuti says wat r u saying no don’t tell her and then saxena laughs and says see he lied and vibhuti says tat no no don’t tell her everyone tell such lie and then vibhuti says tat i will kill u saxena now stop it and Saxena says tat u cant kill a rat wat will u kill me and says tat now u asked anita tat u have an important and urgent work and need to go out but u came here and u r doing time pass with anguri bhabhi and then anguri says tat i never expected u to be a liar and she gets upset and goes inside while vibhuti tries telling her tat he did not lie and then he gets angry and hits saxena and then asks him tat how was it and then saxena says tat there was no power in it u r becoming weak day by day and then vibhuti gets angry and hits him hard in stomach and then saxena says tat this was very powerfull and vibhuti also gets hurt while hitting saxena

Vegetables seller asks wat is the machine about and hapu singh says tat its a lie detector machine and tiwari asks him to tell wat exactly it is and then hapu singh brings the machine home ataches all the connections and asks tiwari to ask him a question and he will answer and the machine will tell weather it is true and then tiwari asks hapu singh do u admit tat u r a corrupt police officer and hapu singh says no i m not and the machine blinks red in color and tiwari laughs and hapu singh gets surprised

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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