Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,manmohan comes in and sees deepu mastana giving massage to anita and then she hides the moustaches in her hand manmohan asks anita tat where is vibhuti as he is very irresponsible how did he left u with this servant and vibhuti gets angry and presses anitas leg forcibly and anita then says tat tiwari ji u cant talk like this about my husband and manmohan says I will as how did he left u with this unknown servant and then kicks deepu and asks him to come with him and vibhuti gets up and rounds around his face and anita runs behind him and gives him moustaches.
Anguri is sitting in her room her injured leg in bucket of water deepu brings a glass full of milk and she says u r soo nice and asks him wat u want deepu says tat he wants ur love and says tat if u love

him u will give him money and then anguri asks him not call her land lady he can call her sister and deepu says he is been cursed tat if he calls a married lady sister then her husband will get bad fortune and he is also blessed tat if she calls him sweet heart her husband will get lottery and anguri says tat u can call me malkin as I don’t want any lottery and then she drinks milk and deepu keeps staring at her and comes in ladu and shouts at deepu and anguri then warns ladu tat u should not talk like this to elders and then asks deepu to go and wash his clothes and he goes
Anita is seen talking to her mother in law telling her tat vibhuti has forgot his mobile at home and she has no number of the client and comes in tiwari anita hungs up and anita says tat where is deepu as she needs him here and manmohan says tat he will not let tat deepu be with u alone u r not safe but anita convinces him tat he is safe he is a nice man and she even gets angry on manmohan but then tiwari says tat he will bare her anger but not let her be alone with deepu
Deepu is drying clothes on tiwaris terrace and anita sees him and calls him and in sign language tells him tat she loves him and vibhuti also replies that he loves her too and manmohan sees this all and goes in his house and calls deepu and anita gives him flying kiss and deepu gulps it and goes and anita gets angry
Manmohan then shouts at deepu tat wat was he indicating with handsigns to bhabhiji and says tat how can u behave so vulgar he thought u asked anguri to say darling u must have joked but now u have crossed the limits and then deepu threatens him telling tat he is a goon from darbhanga and police is searching him and if he behaves with him like this he will go and tell police that u have helped him a goon and then u will be behind bars and manmohan gets very scared and then says to deepu tat u r like my brother don’t get angry and then deepu says tat now u will work and I will rest and asks manmohan to go and clothes kept in bathroom and he sleeps while anita comes to tiwaris house to meet vibhuti she sees a man in kitchen in white clothes and a towel around and thinks its vibhuti and hugs him and manmohan gets so happy and comes deepu i.e vibhuti from behind and then anita says tat she thought it was vibhuti so she hugged and manmohan says wat will vibhuti do here and anita lies tat she and vibhuti were playing hide and seek and so she thought and manmohan asks deepu y r u talking so much like u r her husband and deepu says yes I am and tiwaris asks wat and deepu says tat I m her bodyguard and then anita says tat actually deepu u have got a phone call from ur grand grand mom she is not well but deepu says tat oh she is 112 years old let her die and anita gets angry and leaves and deepu says tat he still has some work here to do.

Anita tells tiwari tat this is her mothers sari and she loves it very much and there is this stain which is not going she has washed it many times and manmohan says tat he will remove it just give the sari to him and her mother will get happy in heaven and anita tells tat her mother is alive and manmohan takes her sari and leaves and and anita says to him tat if he gets success in removing this stain she will give him surprise and tiwari wonders he may get her love and later its seen tat tiwari keeps the iron on the sari and it gets burnt and there is a big hole in sari.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. “haye dayia ee ka baat kar raye hain aap” , “sai pakde hain”…. just love anguri’s dialogues…..

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