Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd October 2015 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with tiwari saying that today i ll show angoori that i am the best person in the world to help beggars n he is about to life. Saxena starts crying n acts like a old man. He says that i want the kidney n says i wont go untill you’ll give me kidney. Tiwari says you go or you’ll spoil my game. Angoori comes n asks saxena n tiwari why is he crying. She asks tiwari whether she did any mistake. He saya no u dint do any mistake i am angry with god. Why did he make such people with so many problems. I am very upset with this. Saxena says you are god. Even angoori says you are god n saying so she goes from there. Saxena says i want kidney. Tiwari gets up n slaps him n anita says i like it n says you are dog n bad n goes. Angoori comes n does tiwari’s aarti n

says you are a good man. Vibhuti goes to saxena n he asks what are you doing. Saxena says that just keep quite for sometime my favourite song is going to play. He tells vibhuti that these many people have said to play this song. Vibhuti slaps him. The song plays n vibhuti sings that song n dreams of him n angoori together n he making angoori roam on the horse. A man pushes him n he comes out of his dreams n he has held pellu sitting on saxena as a horse. He says sorry to them n pellu goes to his rickshaw. Saxena tells him to take him to a man’s house as he wants to eat grass. Vibhuti slaps him. Angoori talks to ammaji n tells her that tiwari is behaving like god what to do now? Ammaji gives her a idea. Anita comes. Angoori tells ammaji that she’ll keep the phone as anita has come. Anita tells angoori that i am fed up. Angoori says even i am fed up now n says that ammaji has told a plan. She tells anita in her ears. Tiwari calls angoori n tells her to give him food he is hungry. Angoori comes down dressed up as a devi. She says i am not angoori i am angiora devi n says you said right peoole have so many troubles in life n i am influenced by you. Thats why i also want to become a devi n help people. Tiwari says no i was just acting n its nothing like that. I cant become lord ram n i was acting to become like him. Angoori says when i got troubled like this did u understand or when i danced n sung for you did you response? He says i am sorry n i promise i wont do this again. She says ok n he says lets go for raavan dehan. Vibhuti calls out to anita n she comes dressed up as devi. She also says the same things n says even i understand that in today’s generation no one can become ram but having one or two ram’s qualities is understandable. He says i am sorry i was acting. She says if mother in law would have told you to go for 14 years exile would you go? He says what nonsense no i would i have never gone. He also says sorry i wont do this again n i promise. He says lets go for raavan dehan. Both the couples come out dressed n compliment each others wives n wish eac other happy dussehra.
Angoori is watering plants n sings the song yeh kaha aa gaye hum n vibhuti comes n sings the part of amitabh’s lines. The actors of the new serial yeh kaha aa gaye hum come to promote the serial. They ask vibhuti for hotel’s address n say his concert was in agra so they came to visit kanpur. They both argue on the topic of rock music n classical music and promote their serial. Along with them vibhuti n angoori also promote their serial. The episode ends.

Precap:- Vibhuti n angoori are sitting in a car n he is driving n singing a song. Angoori tells tiwari i want a car i want to learn driving.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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