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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with a phone call at anguris house. Anguri picks the call and says ‘tiwaris accident’. A business man is speaking on the call and says in english that has tiwaris accident occured?. Anguri says yes. By the time tiwari comes and takes the call from her whereas the business man says that now the deal with tiwari will be cancelled. Tiwari says he is speaking. Then tiwari tells him he is not dead. The man says that his wife said tiwaris accident.tiwari says she wanted to says tiwaris residence. The man says that his wife said tiwaris accident so he thought he is dead n so tell your wife not to speak such english. Tiwari says ok. The man gives him an order of 1 lakh undergarments. Tiwari is happy. He then keeps phone and shouts anguri and tells her not to speak

english unless her english is improved. Anguri is sad.
At anitas house. Vibhuti is pulling a blockage from the sink. Anita is speaking on phone and gets to know that her friend minals husband has got a promotion. She then keeps the phone and calls vibhuti and tells him to take a job because she cant see him sitting at home like a useless person. Vibhuti says what has happened to her. She tells him that unless he gets a job he will not come home and tells him to go and finx one. He is sad and goes away while the old song kuch to hua plays.
While vibhuti is going dressed to find a job he sees anguri in the kitchen. He asks her why is she sad. She tells him that tiwari had scolded her today for speaking bad english. Vibhuti says that he dies to hear her speak and why did this man scold her. He tells her that she has married the wrong man. Anguri says tiwari is nice and says that she wants to learn english. Then vibhuti says he will teach her. Anguri gets happy and says ok and that he will be her master. Vibhuti says ok and is happy too as he got a job.
At home anita is thinking that she shouldnt have said so much to vibhuti and that she is feeling guilty. She says that he must be roaming around for a job now. And if he doesnt get one then he will have to stay out of the house. Then vibhuti comes. Anita asks him what happened about the job. He says he got a job. Anita is very happy and she says that today we will have a party and romance in the night. Vibhuti says he is sorry as he has his job at night 8 pm. Anita says what type of job is this and whether he is going to peoples houses to give them a body massage. Vibhuti says no and says that he is going to teach english to anguri as a teacher. Anita is happy and says she is feeling very happy today. Then vibhuti says anguri is going to pay him 500 rupees for one class and then says he has to go now as he has to buy books and see the portion for teaching anguri.
At the tea stall happu singh is sitting. He is drinking tea when saxena comes and asks him what is he doing. Daroga says he is having some rest. Saxena says that because of people like him the public is unsatisfied today and that the police are to blame. Because of his resting there are many people who have pending complaints and that the whole police department is being blamed for that. Then happu singh gets up and slaps saxena. Saxena says i like it. Then towari comes and asks whats up. Daroga says just resting. Tiwari says he is feeling bored and he needs to get some excitement. Daroga says that he can go to his doctor and take a medicine for that. Tiwaro says that is why he has so many kids. Daroga laughs. Saxena says that instead he can take the churan which he has. Then tiwari takes and then tells him he will give him money at home. Daroga says tiwari is naughty and then he also takes one bottle from saxena.
Anguri is speaking wuth her mom while mom is eating pan. She tells mom that she is happy. Mom gets hapoy and asks what happened. Anguri says that her neighbour vibhuti is going to cheat her. Mom says that he dare cheat her. Anguri then says she said it wrong and that he is going to teach her english. Then mom says thats very good and says good that she is learning english. Mom asks her is she going to pay him fees. Anguri says yes. Then mom says ok and says if tiwari troubles her anytimr then just call her. Mom keeps the call and spits the pan down. Gupta ji shouts and mom says sorry and runs away.

At home anguri is reading an english book. Tiwari comes with the churan and tells anguri that he will teach her english at night on the bed. Anguri says she has hired a master and she doesnt want to be taught by him. Then tiwari ask who is her master. At the door vibhuti comes. A song plays from the movie desi boys. Vibhuti is dressed as a teacher.

Precap: vibhuti tells tiwari that he is anguris teacher. Tiwari asks anguri that in the whole world did she get only this guy as her teacher. Anguri says yes. While vibhuti is teaching anguri he tells her to say ‘i love you’ in english. Anguri says i love you and vibhuti gets happy.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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