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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vibhu coming home. Anta says from where did you come? Vibhu tells actually i wanted to say something and that i found a job. Anita says say something else. Vibhu asks its true and u want me to go for a job right? Anita says yes since birth. Vibhu says if u want me to go for a job then give me 50k rs. Anita says who takes money in return for a job? Vibhu says the world has changed. Anita says shut up and its so senseless. Anita says okay if u have a job then what is it? Vibhu tells its a very good job and i just have to sit there. Anita says what type of a job is this? Vibhu says prem found it for him. Anita says for a minute i thought i could give you money but now i wont and she goes. Vibhu is angry.
At tea stall tiwari is reading a newspaper. It says that a child

was kidnapped in daylight. Tiwaro says what a world. Vibhu comes and sits and s2ays i have some work with you. Tiwari says yes say. Vibhu says i have got a job offer from prem and just need 50k rupees. Tiwari says so? Vibhu says can u give me and i will give the amount in 2 months. Tiwari says get lost and you are not worth it. Vibhu says dont insult me. Happu singh comes and says what happened and dont fight. Tiwari tells about what vibhu is saying. Happu singh laughs and says why dont u give then? Tiwari says so will you keep your pregnant wife’s jewellery with me in return of money? Happu says no. Laddo comes running and says anguri has called you tiwari. Tiwari says why did u come alone and kids are being kidnapped nowadays. Laddo says i had to come but now lets go. They go. Vibhu thinks if i want money then i can kidnap laddo?
At home laddo and tiwari go. Tilu is sitting. Tilu says i need my salary. Tiwari says i give you so much love and why do you want to destroy everything. Tilu says i just asked for salary and not loan so give me my salary. Tiwari says when i will get money i will give you. Tiwari goes. Laddo comes and sits. He tells tilu if u dont get salary then why dont u kidnap me? Tilu says its not the time to joke. Laddo says i am not joking and lets do like movies and you kidnap me and blackmail tiwari and take your salary of 50k. Tilu says okay and will it work? Laddo says yes and do that. Tilu says okay good idea.
At anitas house, anguri and laddo go. Anguri tells anita that she has to go to hospital and even tiwari and they will have to stay the night as their uncle is not well so could she keep laddo for the night? Anita says ofcourse and its his house only and he is welcome. Anguri says okay and goes.
At night laddo and anita are sleeping in the room. Vibhu comes and says to himself that he gave a sleeping pill to anita and laddo is always asleep. Vibhu says so tika and malkhan will come and take laddo. Vibhu goes and sleeps beside laddo. Tilu comes and wakes laddo and they go. Before going vibhu thinks its malkhan and says bye. Tilu goes down. He tells laddo vibhu said bye, laddo says he must be asleep and lets go. They go.
At night tika and malkhan come but laddo is not there. They wake up vibhu. All three go on the street. Vibhu says malkhan came and took laddo. Tika and malkhan says they did not take laddo and who took him? Vibhu says i dont know and someone kidnapped laddo. Saxena hears everything and says i like it.
Vibhu goes running and tells anita someone kidnapped laddo. Anita says what?
Next morning vibhu tells anita we should hide it from anguri as she may not be able to handle it and something will happen to her. Anita says how much time will we hide and we have to tell the truth about laddo being kidnapped. Tiwari and anguri come. Tiwari says i just heard something about kidnap or stuff. Vibhu says no. Anguri asks where is laddo? Vibhu tries to lie but anita tells he is kidnapped. Anguri is unconscious.

Precap: anguri and tiwari tell happu singh about the kidnap. Saxena says he heard yesterday tika malkhan and vibhu talking about the kidnap. Tika and malkhan tell all the truth to happu singh.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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