Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd March 2018 Written Episode Update Vibhutis joke puts him and Tiwari in trouble

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Everybody starts laughing hard,malkhan says so funny what a joke,tikka says god I can’t breath,tilu says it was joke of a day,tiwari says Anita bhabhi has zero sense of humour,vibhu says tell this joke to Tiwari let’s see what her reaction is,tiwari says she is stupid laughs at any joke,vibhu says still let’s see,tiwari says ok and leaves.

Anguri singing song,tiwari says I have a joke for you and says once a women dresses as a ghost to scare her husband and walks to him,he says nice to meet you but I already have one in my house my wife,tiwari starts laughing.
Anguri gives him a cold look,and says was this a joke,you insulted women,I won’t leave you and calls amaji,Amani asks what happened,anguri says Tiwari hurt me a lot and tells her the joke and says this is how he

insulted women,amaji says I won’t leave him.anguri says before my anger crushes you get away from my sight.tiwari Runs away,anguri says amaji sorry I couldn’t raise my hand at him.

Anu on call with Meenal says no ways I can’t forgive vibhu for this,anguri walks to balcony and sees anu and says hi I’m very upset and says Tiwari insulted me and womenhood,anu says is this the joke,anguri says yes,these two insulted us and will never forgive them for this,bye now I’m very upset.

Tiwari and Vibhu having drinks,tiwari says I want to get drunk but anguris reaction god knows what made her so angry,she even told amaji about it she is angry too,it’s insult to women,vibhu says how is that,tikka happu and others boys didn’t react,tiwari says they are men,vibhu says we should try some other lady and find what her reaction is,prem walks to them and says beggars did your wives threw you out of the house,vibhu says look we have spoilt mood don’t spoil more,tiwari tells the joke and situation,gulfamkali walks to them,prem says the joke was very funny tell it to gulfamkali and if she doesn’t laugh that joke isn’t good for you.

Tiwari tells gulfamkali the joke,gulfamkali laughs and leaves,vibhu says she is laughing so it is genuine.
Tiwrai vibhu anguri anu in an discussion,vibhu says its you two who didn’t like it and taking it to some other level,tiwari says we told this joke to gulfamkali and she liked it,anguri says did she,vibhu says she loved it and she didn’t find anything offensive.

Gulfamkali walks in with few women and says these are two guys who insulted women with a joke,vibhu says just a joke and you two made us villains,and you were laughing yesterday,gulfamkali says I was crying,vibhu says that’s a very weird way of crying.
Tiwari says and when happu sign and other men insult you in your bar,gulfamkali says excuse me no one dares insult me,other ladies say now you shall answer us at media meet at 5 pm.

During media conference,reporter asks question do men respect women,answer in yes or no and message us.
Reporter says these two women have pointed at their husbands that they don’t insult them and women,vibhu says we do,anu says no you liars,Tiwari says bhabhiji I love you I mean I respect you,anu says not just me and what about anguri,Tiwari says I do,anguri says oh please you keep yelling at me in public,vibhu says I love you bhabhiji I mean respect you,tiwari says even I do,anguri says look at his tone,women association start cheering against Manmohan Tiwari.

Reporter asks what’s gulfamkali what’s her take,gulfamkali says I’m on men’s target,vibhu says please you target men,gulfamkali says look they insulting me,vibhu says cmon it was just a joke,reporter says the nation wants to know the joke,vibhu tells the joke,reporter starts laughing and falls off his chair.

Anu says to reporter you are laughing this way,what debate will you do,you are insulting us too,vibhu says what’s wrong tell us atleast,anguri says this joke called us women ghost,vibhu says there are jokes where men are called women’s slaves,association says that’s women’s insult too.

Happu sees boys at tea stall watching TV and asks where did you steal this from,tikka says we bought it on instalments,happu says liars you have no money in pockets where did you manage this,malkhan says stop it watch this debate,saxena asks what’s wrong,tikka tells them the situation.

Saxena says they insulted my bhabhi Ma I won’t live them alive and about to break the tv,tikka malkhan stop him,saxena starts hitting them in anger,they run away with TV.

Vibhu tiwrai drinking,vibhu says I didn’t expect this firm anu in front of media she insulted me,anu and anguri walk to them,vibhu and Tiwari act very formal and say we won’t give a chance to feel offended,anu and anguri say sorry and says we pulled the topic a little long,let me tell a joke to calm the situation and says a man playing dhol says I have my wife picture on one side and mother in law in other,they hit me home I hit them here and just both start laughing.

Pre cap: anguri says April has someone specials birthday,tiwari says gulfamkalis birthday is in November,vibhu walks in and says it’s your birthday on first of April,anguri starts crying and yells at tiwari for forgetting her birthdate.
Anu shouts at vibhu for forgetting birthdate.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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