Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd June 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vibhu starting the radio as rj rocky. Anguri listens to the radio. Vibhu says that today he will dedicate a song to anguri tiwari from model town in Kanpur, anguri is happy there as rj rocky takes her name. anguri and anita at home listen to the song. There as vibhu starts giving answers tiwari calls him and asks him in a different voice and different name that he is in love with his neighborhood bhabhi and what should he do? Vibhu asks is her husband a good man? Tiwari says no he is useless and hopeless. Vibhu says then tomorrow go and give him a flower and kiss his cheek and come back home without looking or talking to bhabhi. Tiwari says okay. Next happu singh calls vibhu and tells that when will he be the commissioner and he is still an officer. Vibhu says he will

be and happu says no as he always has to run behind he commissioner and be his puppet. Vibhu says then stop doing that and tomorrow go at his house and insult him and be brave and not a puppet. Happu says okay.
Next day vibhu is in the hall and anita asks him where was he yesterday? Vibhu says I told you that I am going for prems birthday party. Anita tells she called prem and he told her he was sleeping. Vibhu says yes but he called me and told me that his head was paining and just massage it so I went there to massage his head. Anita says what and you do such things? Vibhu says its because of you that I go out and you stick to that radio. Tiwari comes home. Vibhu says what happened? Tiwari says nothing and gives vibhu a rose flower and kisses his cheek and goes. Anita is stunned as tiwari did this and did not even say hello to her. She looks at vibhu and asks what is this? Vibhu says what do I know and he did it? Vibhu throws the flower down.
At tea stall tika is talking with malkhan on phone and he tells him that rj rocky told him to go to his lovers home and sing the song laila majnu and propose her. Tika tells he will go in the evening. Vibhu comes and ask where are you going? Tika tells I will not let you. Vibhu smiles and says okay. Happu comes in normal clothes. Tika asks where is your uniform? Happu tells curse that rj rocky and because of him he has been suspended because he told him to go and insult the commissioner. Vibhu gets up and goes home. Tika laughs.
At home anita goes and calls anguri. Anguri asks how is she? Anita tells she is worried from what she saw today. Anguri asks what? Anita tells that vibhu has been going out at night and today tiwari came and kissed his cheek and gave him a rose. Anguri says so what and they love each other as friends. Anita says no I think they are gay. Anguri says what and even tiwari went out yesterday. Anita says let’s keep an eye on them. Anguri says okay.
At night vibhu is in the balcony and he acts as he is talking with prem on phone. Then he says yes I am coming. Anita says what happened? Vibhu says prems legs are paining so I am going to massage them. Vibhu goes. Anita follows him. Vibhu goes at saxenas house and he starts the radio. Anita sees from window and says oh vibhu is rj rocky.
Next day at home anita sits beside vibhu and tells him so you massaged prems legs? Vibhu says yes. Anita says go and stay with him only then. Tiwari and anguri come crying and anita asks what happened? Anguri and tiwari tells that tika committed suicide and its all because of that rj rocky. Vibhu says how? And what did he do? Tiwari tells that rocky told tika to go at his lovers home and sing a song and propose to her but when tika went then she was getting engaged and her husband and his brothers beat tika badly and tika was all bruised so he gave me a letter and went and committed suicide. Vibhu asks where is the letter? Vibhu reads it and its written that I am tika and I blame rj rocky for my suicide and its because of him. Vibhu is scared and sad and is feeling guilty. Tiwari and anguri look at each other giggle.
At night vibhu is drinking alcohol and he says to god that he is sorry for what he did and tika dies because of him and he is really sorry. Tika comes dressed as tikas soul. He ells vibhu he will never forgive him. Vibhu says you are alive. Tika says no I am tikas soul. Vibhu says what and I am sorry and I did not want to kill you. Tika says he will not forgive him. Tika giggles. Vibhu says please.

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

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