Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd June 2015 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,bell rangs and anita opens door for hapu singh the inspector she welcomes him and asks him how come u here and he says tat it’s a bit serious can we sit and talk and she says sure and he asks is everything all right and anita says yes it is ok and hapu singh tells anita tat u all r like my family so I have come here to talk to u a neighbhor bhudev in our colony his house has been robbed and some boys have seen vibhuti at night with a ladder and anita gets angry and says tat wat u want to say tat vibhuti is thief this wont be possible he is a very honest man and we have lakhs of ruppes in our bank account and even if he does not work he can have a good life style and hapu singh says tat but some one has informed me tat vibhuti was seen so if u can pls ask him and anita

says give me half an hour I will talk to vibhuti and let u know and hapu singh says ya its ok u can take more time and leaves
Amaji is having a banana and she is telling anguri tat lock tiwari in a room for a week vibhuti tries telling amaji tat pls go up and see tiwari but she is still busy telling anguri tat she should give him less oily food vibhuti again tries to tell but she does not listens he tries again and amaji says y r u trying to say this u want me to get the infection and anguri says tat actually amaji he helped me a lot actually now he was taking me to a movie tiwari wanted to take mw but he cant so he asked vibhuti to take me to movie and amaji says don’t worry I will full fill the wish and vibhuti says tat I m sorry I will not go with amaji for a movie and amaji says tat I require lot of space so the two tickets give it to me and vibhuti leaves while anguri says tat the movie is now and amaji takes the ticket and leaves
Vibhuti comes home and anita is staring at him and vibhuti sits on couch and asks nait y is she staring at him and anita asks him tat where was he last night and vibhuti in his mind says oh my god did anu get to know the secret and he says wats the matter and anita says tat hapu singh was here and he said tat there has been robbery in bhudevs house and some one has complained tat they have seen u with a lader at night and if u have done this I will give u divorce and leave u and vibhuti thinks tat this is getting very serious I need to tell her the truth and then he takes anita to tiwaris house to tell her the truth
Anguri is talking to tiwari through the door tat is he fine and comes vibhuti and anita and he opens the door and comes in and tiwari hides his face and asks them to leave or they all will get infected and vibhuti comes forward and wipes the marks on his face and seeing this everyone gets shocked and anita asks him to explain and vibhuti lies tat while he was on his way to home some goons gave him a letter and asksed to give to tiwari I thought it a bit fishy so I opened and read it and it was written tat tomorrow u come to shop and I will hit u badly so I planned this idea and with the help of ladder came to his bedroom and done this mark and he then says sorry for it anguri says I am sorry u helped us u saved tiwari from getting hit and then anita also says tat she is sorry and he accepts it and when they leave tiwari calls vibhuti and says tat I don’t believe this wat u said and then they laugh and leave
Nexy day anguri is seen doing pooja of Jhol vale baba she listens to a cd which tells to love the trees and always have an affection and vibhuti comes and listens all this and ladu comes and tells tat he going to take bath and anguri asks ladu to take blessings of jhole vale baba Ladu says to anguri tat ask jhole vale baba to touch me so tat I will grow older fast and anguri says he is no more and u go take bath and anguri gets a call from amaji and she tell anguri tat have u received the cd of jhole vale baba and do as he says and he is very nice baba u don’t know tat tiwari is a blessing byy jhole vale baba and anguri asks how did tat happen and amaji tells someone told me about jhole vale baba as I didn’t had baby for 5 years after marriage he just blessed me by touching me on my forehead and from tat I started vomiting and anguri says tat really tats nice and amaji says if he was alive I would have took u to him but u don’t worry he came in my dreams and said tat he has arrived and soon he will come to meet us and hungs up vibhuti listens all this and in his mind says tat now u will soon meet ur jhole vale baba

Anita says I hate those men who don’t love and romance their wives and leaves and tiwari says tat now I will teach anguri wat romance is and show love for her and later its seen tat anguri says to vibhuti tat he talks like jhole vale baba and vibhuti says tat actually I m the avtar of jhole vale baba.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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