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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,anita hungs up the phone and then anita asks tiwari did vibhuti tell u tat we have become rich and tiwari says tat ya he told he is telling everyone and anita gets a call and she picks up and talks to vibhutis uncle and she says thank you oh vibhuti told u tat we have become rich and then she says thank you and hungs up and then anita then asks tiwari tat how does he feel and tiwari says yes I feel good for u and then she asks y r u upset and he says tat now u will leave this house and anita says yes we will buy a new bunglow and then tiwari says y don’t u stay here and send vibhuti to the new house y u don’t like this house and anita says i do like it but we need more space and anita says tat when people become rich its so difficult how people behave and tiwari

says ya even when I was poor people didn’t talk to me but when I become rich they started talking and anita then says tiwari we r rich we deal in crores and then she gets a call and says to tiwari tat this is a crorepati friend calling I need to talk to her about diamonds and talks to parvati tat I want to know about the diamond and she leaves while tiwari says tat after becoming rich anita has changed and he leaves
Tiwari goes home and thinks tat this vibhuti has become rich and behaving like this and he thinks lets call mausaji and enquires how is he and asks are u alive and says don’t give bad words and then says ok take care and hungs up he then calls phupaji and buaji picks up and he asks her is phupaji alive and says is he ok he had a heart problem and buaji says tat he took treatment from America and he had a new heart and he survived and then tiwari asks to take care and hungs and thinks there is no sing relative of mine who has died and will give all his property to me
vibhuti and anita are sitting in bed and vibhuti is talking to shopkeeper to give him the lattest of electronice and no comprmise on prices and hungs up anita then says to him hold first let the money come and vibhuti then gets another cal he tells pandey to book the kabbadi team of Kanpur for 1 crore anita looks at him surprised while vibhuti says tat 1 crore is just like peanuts for me and hungs up anita again asks y r u investing before money is in ur hand and he says come on anita I m rich now celeberaties have cricket and football team sso ithought atleast I can buy a kabbadi team and then he asks anita to close her eyes and gives her a gift a ring Ruby diamonds costing 1.5 lakh rs she then asks from where did u get so much money and he says tat he took loan and anita says again loan and vibhuti says don’t worry I will pay it and then anita asks vibhuti to go and bring a hot chocolate for her and then vibhuti says I m rich now I will not do this lets hire 3 to 4 buttlers and anita says tat theres no need of so any and vibhuti says tat we will atleast need 3 one for u and one for me and one general and he sleeps
next morning vibhuti is dressed in suit and anita are donating clothes and sweets to poor people and pela is helping them and tika and malkhan enter the line and malkhan says tat we wear good clothes from outside but in real we r poor and then says tat see this tika he is not well and vibhuti says take him to doctor and then malkhan says tat see his face he has not had food from many days and then anita asks vibhuti to give them he gives and hapu singh is coming while two people are pushing his scooter and he is scolding them to push properly and hapu singh then gets hold of malkhan and tika and says when did u become poor u liars and malkhan and tika run from there while all this is going on anguri is seeing all this from her terrace and vibhuti notices it and kepps looking and showing his good work and then hapu singh also congratulates vibhuti and anita and anita asks vibhuti to give him also something and when he gives some clothes hapu singh says it will be good if u give me some cash and then vibhuti gives 300 rs and hapu singh says tat I have nine childrens and a pregnant wife and asks anita to give some more money and anita asks vibhuti to give some more and he gives and comes tiwari and vibhuti teases him tat this shirt for u tiwari and tiwari says tat I m not poor and I don’t take such gifts from anybody and anita gets upset and says u r behaving very mean they are our neighbors and she leaves getting angry and vibhuti looks at anguri and smiles and leaves
vibhuti is taking inter views for hiring servants and come in tika and malkhan and tika introduces himself as Tikaram bhikaram bhiimar vibhuti asks wat experience do u have and tika says he has done nothing until today and he only knows to eat food and vibhuti say sok u will be handling the kitchen u will be the cook and there is book inside see tat and cook all English food and tika says ok vibhuti then asks malkhan his introduction and he introduces himself as malkhan ghamendilal khadede vibhuti laughs and says ur name describes u

vibhuti says tat from today u should call me sir and malkhan says tat I wanted to become waiter sir and vibhuti says ok u will be waiter and asks them to go nad wear the uniforms kept and they leave and vibhuti says loosers and then he calls next and comes in saxena and he introduces himself has anokhelal saxena and he tells tat u knew me before when u were not rich and vibhuti says yes but u have been to England wat happen and saxena tells tat I just said I like it and they threw me out of plane because she took me in a wrong way and then vibhuti asks but u were rich u had one crore in ur bank account and saxena says tat the bank was fraud and my all money went in to it and then vibhuti asks his qualifications and then he gives a file which has a lot of documents vibhuti asks have u ever cleaned it and saxena says this is my experience sir and then he tells his qualifications Ba honours, mba from Harvard university, msc, bsc and vibhuti says u r well qualified I have a job of security guard I will pay u 10,000 rs and saxena says no vibhuti increases to 20,000 and to 30,000 and saxena says I just need 440 volt shocks everyday and vibhuti laughs

Vibhuti is inviting tiwari and anguri for a dinner party and tiwari says we don’t want to come and then tilu says tat u should come u must have never ate such food is there in party and then later vibhuti gives a gift to anguri as a banarasi saree costing 35000 which is nothing

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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