Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd February 2018 Written Episode Update possessed Tiwari slaps Vibhu hard

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tiwari as mokshi looks at anguri and says you dance so well sister,anguri says oh god why you calling me sister,Tiwari says because you are my sister,anguri says no I’m not,Tiwari says arindo mishti why did you do this,tiwrai says you are my sister,anguri gets scared and runs away.

Vibhu says baby are you ready and turns to kiss her,anu says is this how you kiss,Vibhu says I’m not much comfortable in such sense I feel shy,anu says I’m your wife I’m not anguri that you feel shy,Vibhu says I’m shy man,anu says that’s why I’m saying let’s practice,Vibhu says you just wanna have romance,anu says let’s do a thing you close your eyes and I shall pull you close and kiss you,anu about to kiss her,anguri climbs the balcony on a ladder and calls them.

Anu asks whats

wrong,anguri says Tiwari is acting very weird I’m so scared,Vibhu says he is misbehaving I won’t spare him,anu says shut up let her explain,anguri explains the whole episode,Vibhu says he said the right thing he should call you sister,anguri says shut up,I felt so weird like he isn’t Tiwari I’m so scared,anu says we should go and take a look.

All reach Tiwari house and call him down,Tiwari says welcome welcome and anguri where did you go,anu asks are you alright,Tiwari says yes fit and fine,anu says you called her sister,Vibhu says stay on it she is your sister,tiwrai says why will I,she is my wife,may be she had a bad dream,anguri says no I didn’t,anu says oh forget it anguri it must be some kind of misunderstanding.

Anu says Tiwari I have big good news we have our lead,Vibhu agreed to our proposal,mokshi back again and says great,anguri scared,Vibhu says did you see Tiwari,tiwrai back to normal says good then bhabhiji,Vibhu and anu lead and anguri his sister,Vibhu says what she was to play anu friend and now my sister I’m not done with this,anu says enough don’t creat problems you are playing lead that’s final let’s go,Tiwari closes the door,
Anguri says listen,Tiwari says yes sister,and arindo mishti you didn’t do right.saxena in his house,happu and boys walk in and ask is writer home and greet him well,saxena asks how come so sweet today what you want,malkhan says atleast tell us what role we are playing,saxena says goons,tikka asks what type of,saxena says the one who fight creat nuisance and happu you are a rich producer who assaults his lead actress.

Tikka sits on the chair,happu asks why are these lights blinking,tikka says all this won’t do,malkhan says tikka good bengali accent did you get the script before we love your acting,tikka slaps happu,happu says how dare you,malkhan says why hit inspector,tikka slaps malkhan,happu says is he drunk or it’s saxena effect,and says come to police station,tikka hits them hard,both run away.tikka gets back normal and asks where did these two go.saxena says I like it.

Saxena goes and sits on the chair,he starts slapping himself hard and then gets up and says I like it.

Next day at dialogue rehearsals,Tiwari in bengali accent says saxena give them script,anu says Tiwari so impressive ba gali accent already into the theme,Tiwari says now debolina debojits sister will tie Rakhi to him,this is our first scene,Vibhu says I won’t do this scene,Tiwari says I’m the director and you have to do as I say,Vibhu says look at him he is so weird,anguri says I told you he is weird from last night,anu says it’s directors touch this will bring excellence into the film,tiwrai says begin the rehearsal.

Anguri says debojit promise you will always take care of me your sister,Vibhu says yes whatever,Tiwari has some flashes and slaps Vibhu,saxena says I like it,Tiwari says wrong accent,Vibhu says how dare you,Tiwari slaps again,and says like this,and says first wrong reading then this attitude this won’t do,now cmon practice the reading,anu says cmon Vibhu.

Vibhu reads bengali again,Tiwari slaps him again and says it’s not ami it’s amhi,anu says be a little sweet why slap him,anguri says Tiwari don’t slap him I feel bad,vibhu says Thanku,Tiwari says focus on your script don’t interrupt,anu says cmon read it,vibhu reads it wrong I’m your Bipasha basu,tiwrai gets angry pulls him and hits him bad,anu and anguri run away.

Pre cap:anu says he was so weird,anguri says I told you something is wrong.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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