Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Tiwari coming at anita’s home. he tells bhabhiji he has practiced a lot and his legs are paining too but he will not give up and he has brought another hockey coach who will teach them new tactics. Anita says yes? Where is he? The coach comes in and sits. He then tells I know how to teach people to catch the ball when it is hit with the bat. Anita says what? Which coach are you? coach says I am the cricket coach. Anita looks at Tiwari. Tiwari says by mistake I brought him, he takes the coach with him and goes.
At tea stall at night, tika and malkhan are sitting bald and drink tea. They look at each other and cry and malkhan says why did you have to scratch your head in front of vibhu? Tika says what could I do? And anyway you had lice in hair. Malkhan says

now we both don’t have any hair. Saxena comes and says boys don’t cry and its okay. You have to sacrifice something always.
Next day morning, masterji and his friend a retired principal are eating peanuts at a stall and Tiwari is there. Principal says when he was the principal of his school(bhartividya school) the school was always disciplined and there was no one who was mischievous. Masterji says there must have been someone and remember. Principal says yes there was one boy and he was very mischievous and he put the school’s respect down. Tiwari listens and comes and says sir can you recognize that man if you see him? Principal says yes he has a blurry image in his mind. Tiwari says lets go to meet him then.
At home vibhu is In hall and he sees Tiwari bringing masterji and his school’s principal home. he hides behind the sofa. Tiwari comes in with principal and masterji and sits. Anita comes and welcomes them. Tiwari tells he is vibhuti’s school’s principal. Anita says oh hello sir. Tiwari says sir will you recognize him if he comes in front of you? principal says yes. Tiwari calls vibhu but vibhu is behind sofa and he doesn’t come out. Tiwari says sir then see that photo. Sir sees the photo and says no I cant recognize him. Tiwari says how? See once more sir. Sir says no I cant recognize him. Masterji says okay let it be and why are you forcing him to see when he cant recognize? Don’t you have manners? Sir gets up and says now he has to go as he has work and he will come someday to meet hi student. They all go. Anita then gets up, vibhu comes out. Anita says you were hiding here? Why didn’t you come? Vibhu says because he did not wanted to refresh those moments when he was insulted in school and rusticated.
In kitchen anguri is there and prem and vibhu come in Renault lodgy car. Vibhu and prem come to kitchen and vibhu says see Bhabhi ji this is prem’s new car. Anguri says oh wow it looks nice. Prem says thanks. Vibhu says anguri come lets take a ride. Saxena comes and says take me prem and I want to sit and obviously vibhu isn’t worth buying this car. Vibhu slaps saxena. Anguri says I will come next time but now I have work. Vibhu says okay then I will go and everyone come for practice today on time. Tika also comes and says take me for a ride too. Prem says okay and takes saxena and tika with him in his car.
Everyone has gathered for the practice and tilu says why did vibhu call now? And this is not practice time, I have left the shop open. Tiwari says what? Are you mad? Tilu says your shop anyway doesn’t have gold and it has bad quality undergarments. Anita comes with vibhu. Everyone ask vibhu why did you call for practice now? Vibhu says because I have a special exercise today. Anguri comes with lemons. Vibhu says we will use lemons in it and spoons. Saxena says I like it and will we hit each other? Vibhu says no. here you have to put lemon on the spoon and take 10 rounds of the colony but the lemon shouldn’t fall from the spoon. Everyone take spoon and lemon and start the race. Anguri is there and vibhu says so Bhabhi ji are you ready? We will talk in our code lines. Anguri gives flying kiss. Vibhu is happy.

Precap: the other town’s boys tell Tiwari that you ae practicing too much and you think you will defeat us? We will beat you here. Tiwari says not me but our coach is forcing us to play hockey and go beat him. The boys take vibhu’s address and go to his house. Tiwari says now see what happens vibhu.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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