Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with tiwari saying did this girl see? Girl says no and show me the start please. Anita starts again and bashes tiwari. Tiwari is shocked and in pain.
At vegetable stall anguri goes to buy vegetables. Vibhu comes dressed as a goon and teases and troubles anguri. Anguri ignores and goes home. There vibhu comes back in normal dress and says what happened? Anguri tells again that goon was assaulting me. Vibhu says what and see i told you go and learn karate. Anguri says no she feels shy to wear that pajamas and anguri goes inside running. Vibhu says what the hell and how can she be so shy?
Tiwari has been beaten and is in pain. He walks down the street and says to himself that that because of that girl he got beaten so much and how much anita hits him. He then

sees saxena who has stitches and fractures and is standing near window. He tells saxena that why doesnt he come in his place and go and get beaten by anita as a volunteer. Saxena says he cant. Tiwari says but he loves to get beaten right? Saxena says yes i like it but i have already been beaten by 50 to 100 people at a time yesterday so now my bones are crushed to pieces and i cant go. Tiwari says ok and goes.
At night anguri caresses tiwaris body and says why do u do this and see how much you have got hurt. Tiwari says its ok i love helping anita. Tiwaris mom calls anguri. Anguri tells mom that tiwari has started going to anita as volunteer and helps her and he gets beaten by her so that they can teach the woman if kanpur. Mom says thats good and tells let that bull get beaten more and then she says you take care and if he troubles you call me and she keeps the phone.
Next day at vegetable stall vibhu again comes as goon and teases anguri. Anguri then says she wants to be friends with him and his goon friends. Vibhu thinks what happened to her? Then anguri tells him come here. He goes near her. Anguri picks him up and throws him on the ground 5 times. She again repeats that and kicks him and says from tomorrow dont do this and goes. Vibhu thinks she has bashed me up today.
At home tiwari goes and anita tells everyone see our punching bag has come. Tiwari says i have come but please tell this girl to keep her phone inside because he gets beaten thats ok but you have to tke more effort so i cant see you troubled. Anita says that is true and tells that girl that keep your phone in this time and pay attention and what sheis doing is indiscpline. Then girl says ok i will not text my boyfriend. Then anita says today she will teach how to hit on the neck. Anita gives a chop cut on the neck and tiwari feels lot of pain. everyone clap and girl says this time she understood.
At tiwaris fronyard vibhu and tiwari are sotting with neck plaster attached to their necks. Vibhu says so you got beaten by anita at home. Tiwari says yes and what happened to you? Vibhu says he got beaten by bhabhiji and then says by your bhabhiji anita. Tiwari says oh. Vibhu lies she practiced on me too. Then tiwari says that nowadays a goon is troubling anguri and he has to do something. Vibhu says you dont take tension and anguri is stronger than she looks and she can bash up anyone. Tiwari says that maybe right. Pelu is watching all this as they speak.

Precap: tiwari says that anguri is boredom and how can this women be more boredom than anguri? Saxena is sitting on dining table. He listens and tells anguri that see tiwari is calling you boredom.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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