Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd December 2016 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with doctor saying at least do this trip nicely and then think of other trip. There anita and anguri are eating food and the ticket collector is going by. Anguri and anita say didn’t you have food? Tc says no I forgot my tiffin. Anguri and anita say then have food with us and we have a lot here. Tc says actually its been a record that I have never ha =d anyone else’s food when I was on duty. Anguri and anita say its okay have food with us, tc says you are insisting so much then I will have. He sits and has food. Saxena jumps in and says I like it as I had a shock. Saxena goes. Tc says he is dumb.
There gulfam kali and prem come. Happu singhs says isn’t it cold? Happu says come on gulfam you are here and just do 1 performance so that everything will become

hot. Gulfam says okay and removes her sweater and dances on song mere naseeb mei tu hai ek kali. Tc goes in the train. Vibhu sees the dance and suddenly sees anguri dancing too and is smiling his teeth off. He comes out from the dream. Tiwari sees anita dancing too and later comes out from the dream. The newly wed couple come and give everyone sweets and go. everyone start feeling dizzy and then sleep and seems the sweets had sleeping pills.
Next day morning, everyone is sleeping and the horn of train honks. Everyone is still sleeping as they had pills in the sweets. Ticket collector comes and says get up everyone and the train is going. Anguri gets up and says oh its morning and the train is going. Anguri wakes up anita and laddo. Anita says vibhu get up. Vibhu who is sleeping beside tiwari says yeah baby and kisses tiwari. Tiwari gets up and wakes vibhu and says what are you doing? Vibhu says shit what did I do? And I am sorry. Everyone get up and come together. Tc says come on the train is going and what are you sleeping here? Show me your tickets. Saxena comes from the train and says while we were all sleeping our all bags and everything has been stolen. Tc says yes. Anita says then why didn’t you tell us before? Tc says I keep my work to myself and don’t interfere. Anita says what a junk. Everyone say what did this happen. Saxena says I like it. Anguri say at least call the bus now and lets go from here back home. Tika calls the bus.
At Kanpur, the bus comes. Prem gets down and goes. Tika and malkhan get down. Malkhan says man whatever we do we always fail. Happu singh comes and says you both cant do anything and are dumb so don’t do any business and stay jobless. Malkhan says you came with us and what did you do to catch those thieves? Happu says you blo*dy and slaps malkhan and tika and goes. Saxena and doctor come, saxena says I wanted to stay nude in the snow in nainital but you failed in doing the trip itself and I a sad. Doctor says yes and spits on them and goes. Some spit falls on saxenas face, he says I like it and goes. Gulfam kali comes and says you broke my mood and I wanted to do a performance in the snowy mountains. Gulfam goes, tika and malkhan say we failed and malkhan and tika start fighting blaming each other. Anita and anguri come and anguri says I wanted to go and goes sad. Masterji comes and beats tika and malkhan with stick and goes. Tiwari and vibhu come and stand and then run into their houses, then come back saying the toilet is not vacant. They both cant control so enter the bus and do it there. Driver runs away.
Next day at tea stall, tika and malkhan say whatever business and work we do we always fail. Malkhan says yeah man and lets do something different. Tika says lets make people jobless. Malkhan says whats the profit in it? Tika says everyone will become like us and it’s the opposite of what people do basically that is earning. Happu comes. Tika and malkhan tells become jobless and we are starting new business. Happu says why? Malkhan says its our new business and anyway you take bribe so what si your problem become jobless. Happu says you blo*dy dog and he beats malkhan and tika as they try to escape.

Precap: actor Jackie shroff comes and everyone at the end dance with him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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