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The episode starts with tiwari looking at both perfumes. He says they are the reason for the arguements. He picks up both and throws one at the left side and other on the right side. A perfume bottle hits pelu. He takes it and puts it on. Other one falls on the road. Tika and malkhan are going when they see the bottle. They both put it on each other. Then they see gulfam kali. They boht wait for her to come and romance with them. Gulfam kali comes and smells it. She then bashes both of them. She punches and kicks them. Then she says that dare they put such perfume and she goes. Tika and malkhan then say she has got a lot of power and they go. They see pelu. He is driving auto but a lot of girls are sticking to him.
Anita is decorating a christmas tree. Vibhu says she celebrates all

the festivals and he likes that character of hers. Anita says she loves all festivals. Then tiwari and anguri comes from the auto. Anita calls the. They go in the front yard and all sit there. Happu singh is seeing all this. Tiwari says how is the decoration of christmas tree going? Anita says it is fun and she is happy. Anguri asks why are they doing this? Anita then tells anguri that during christmas we put a christmas tree. Anita then tells that if vibhu will become her santa-claus then she will give her vibhu a kiss. Vibhu blushes. Tiwari touches his cheeks. Happu singh smiles cunningly. Anguri tells tiwari to do the same and she will also give him a kiss and anguri blushes. Tiwari says he cant as he is not into this. Anita convinces tiwari to do it for anguri. He says ok. Anguri blushes. Tiwari thinks that he wont be santa claus for anguri he will be santa claus for anita and take a kiss from her. Vibhu thinks he will be santa claus for anguri and take a kiss from her. Happu singh there sees this and says to himself he will be santaclaus for anita and take a kiss from her.
Outside anguris kitchen, vibhu comes and asks her that whom is she kissing? Anguri says ofcourse tiwari as he will become santa claus for her. He says why not he? Anguri says what?? Vibhu says nothing and he was saying tiwari will be happy. Then the bell rings. Anguri says she will go as bell has rung. Anguri goes. Vibhu says he will only be the santa claus today for anguri.
At the tea stall tiwari and vibhu are sitting. Vibhu goes and tells tiwari that today he is going at an orphanage and is giving children gifts so he should report there at 8.15. Tiwari says ok. Then he thinks in mind that the hell he is not going there and he will be santaclaus and go at anitas house and that vibhu will only go there. Vibhu thinks that tiwari will go and he will go at anguris house and be santaclause for her. Happu singh overhears this and says to himself that they both will go and he will become santa claus and go at anitas house.
At home anguri is singing the song jingle bell. Tiwari comes. Anguri tells him that she will put the red lipstick and does it suit her? Tiwari says all the lipsticks suit her. Tiwari then tells he wont be able to be santa claus as he cant do it. Anguri says why and says evem vibhu is doing it for anita then why not he? Anguri then tells she had told her mom that tiwari is going to be santa claus and give her gifts and she would give him kiss on the cheeks but now that he is not going to be santaclaus then she will tell her mom. Tiwari says why does she tell everything to mom and he tells her that let it be and he will be the santa claus. Anguri becomes happy and goes.
At night 8.15, vibhu comes out and check whether tiwari has gone. He comes out with the santa dress in a bag and says to himself that if tiwari goes then he will become santa claus and go at anguri and it will be so amazing. Anita asks vibhu what will be amazing? Vibhu then tells her he is going to orphanage to give gifts to children and he was saying that that will be amazing. Anita says oh wow and thats good. She tells she is very proud of him. Anita then tells him that while coming be santa claus and come and give her gifts and she will give him a lot of love. Anita goes in. Tiwari comes out of his house and stands at vibhus house gate. He sees vibhuti. Vibhu asks him why didnt he come at 8.15 sharp? Tiwari says leave it and he says he is going at the old nullah where poor children stay, he will give those children gifts. Vibhu says ok and says he will go to the orphanaga and give them gifts. They both go. Tiwati thinks he will go and dress up as vibhu has gone. Vibhu thinks tiwari has gone so he will go and dress up. Happu singh sees this and thinks that as both of them have gone he will become santaclaus and go at anitas house.
Vibhu dresses as santa and goes through the balcony and enters anguris room. He hides behind cupboard. Anguri puts on the lipstick. She says when will tiwari come. The n she suddenly sees santa and thinks it is tiwari. She says did he bring gifts? Vibhu says its not tiwari and it is vibhuti. Anguri says ok and says she enjoys with him more than tiwari. Anguri asks for the gift. Vibhu says that he will rain the room for her with gifts. Then he thriws gifts at her lovingly and they dance at a romantic song. Then anguri is going to kiss him when vibhus eyes open and he sees it was just a dream. Vibhu is behind the cupboard and anita has come to meet anguri. Anita tells anguri she was bored so she came. Anguri says yes and even tiwari hasnt come till now. Vibhu thinks why did anita come now? Then anguri tells anita lets go down as tiwari had bought some special sweets and she will make her eat it. Anita and anguri go down.
At anitas house, tiwari enters the house from the kitchen. He searches the hosue but cant see anita and vibhu anywhere. He is in the bedroom. He then thinks where is anita? There happu singh becomes the santa claus and enters anitas house from the kitchen. Tiwari hears the footsteps and looks from the bedroom. He sees a santa claus and thinks it must be vibhuti and he then thinks of hiding. He goes on the bed and covers himself with blanket. Happu singh enters the bedroom. He thinks that anita is sleeping and thinks that today he will give her gifts. He tries to speak in a tone similar to vibhu. Tiwari speaks from the nose to remove a sound like anita. Happu singh asks what has happened to your voice? Tiwari thinking it is anita tells she was getting bored so she drank beer and is sounding like that. Happu singh says he has bought gifts for her.

Precap: tiwari is waiting just behind anitas house main door and thinks that anits must be coming. As the door opens anguri enters and tiwari is shocked as to what to do?

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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