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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhuti says looks like Tiwari told U, darling is my brother but we have disowned him bcoz of his work, Anita says he atleast has a job unlike u, anyways I would like to see ur brother,Vibhuti says no, he may steal things from here n is a cheap man,Anita says I don’t mind,Vibhuti says u won’t meet him, Anita says I want to meet him n that’s final.

Anguri on call with Amaji asks her to visit them for Janmashtami. Tiwari walks in n asks where’s my laptop, anguri says I sold it, it was old,Tiwari says what nonsense I bought it few weeks back,anguri says no it has virus n it would eat u away so I sold at 500, Tiwari says u uneducated, u have been fooled,n that darling kabadi, I won’t leave him.

Anguri next day on call with Amaji ask her for recipe,

Vibhuti walks to her n she says hello I was waiting for u, actually ur brother was he yesterday, n he looks like u, Vibhuti says yes I know,anguri says first I thought it was u n ur new nonsense but later realised it was someone else, Vibhuti says he didn’t come to see me just bcoz he is kabadi,anguri says at,eats better than u, he has a job, Vibhuti says oh my brother, he is so lonely,bhabhiji plz take care of him,anguri says next time I will call u when he comes,Vibhuti says sure n give him love on my behalf, anguri says ok n leaves.

Tika at tea stall with laptop,Malkha asks who gave u this,Tika says I bought it for 1000 bugs from a kabadi, Malkha says wow how it is,Tika says come sit let’s watch some fun, happu Singh joins them n asks what are u doing here watching porn don’t u know it’s illegal,Tika says no we aren’t we are planning some business,happu Singh says have u seen my lungi,Tika says we don’t know abt it,happu Singh slaps them,n shooz them.

Anita sees Vibhuti having breakfast n is all ready n asks where are u going, Vibhuti says office,what’s ur problem,Anita says u, tell me what’s ur job,Vibhutis ays just note that I’m doing a good job in German company n they all speak Germany n so I have no details, Tiwari walks in, Anita says u look upset, Tiwari says ur brother fooled anguri n took it away just for 500, give me his number, Vibhuti says I don’t talk to him n so don’t have any contact details n I’m getting late for office so bye n leaves.

Vibhuti again dresses as kabadi n gets on working,n uses happu Singh lungi. Malkha n Tika watching songs, Tika says look I got new cd, Tiwari walks to them n says what are u upto n where did u get this laptop from its mine,Malkha says it’s mine, bought it from a kabadi,Tiwari says it’s 20000 worth, Tika says u want it back, buy it for 20000, Tiwari says max 1000 I will pay, Tika says no, 5000 last deal, Tiwari buys it for 5000.

Anguri watching television, darling walks in,anguri says hello darling, darling says hi sweetheart, anguri says how dare u,darling says we call our customer sweetheart, anguri says ur brother calls me bhabhi, u call me bhabhi too, darling says ok I love u, anguri says I have no old waste stuff, darling says plz answer in code word, anguri says ok miss u janu.darling says look at this to its so old,it can blast anytime n injure ur husband, anguri says oh no take it away, darling says ok I love u, anguri says I love u too now take it away, darling says here’s 1000 Rs for u.

Anguri at night on call with Amaji says yes I’m waiting for Tiwari, what are u doing, ok he is here bye. Tiwari walks in, anguri says I was waiting for u,Tiwari says a to used to be here where it is, anguri says oh I sold It to darling.

Pre cap : Tiwari complains to Vibhuti that darling keeps fooling anguri, Vibhuti says I don’t interfere in his business. Anita says to darling why isn’t ur brother as hard working as u.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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    Darling Kabadi is full laughter dose… and angori is behaving more stupid jn this….???????????????????
    And miss the following persons-
    Saxsena ji
    Amma ji (tiwari ki)
    Mummy (vibhu ki)

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