Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,manmohan aska how is he like vibhuti and anita says tat he is like vibhutis big brother and then manmohan tells tat actually anguri fell from stairs and she cant work now and vibhuti shouts wat happen and puts his hand on anitas lap and manmohan asks him to take away his hand and then anita asks manmohan to go and take care of anguri and manmohan says tat he is in search of a servant and asks anita tat if he can take her servant for help at his house and says tat when he will whistle he will work at my place and when u have work u whistle and he will come here and anita agrees while vibhuti gets in tension and manmohan asks him wat is his name and vibhuti tells tat his name is deepu mastana and then asks him to come with him and vibhuti goes while anita with her actions

says sorry to him and he leaves
Manmohan drags deepu at home and asks him to go and clean the kitchen while vibhuti asks where is bhabhiji and manmohan asks y he says I will massage her legs tiwari says y r u behind my wife u think of working and comes laddu and asks is this the new servant and tiwari says yes and vibhuti in his mind says stupid to tiwari and laddu hears it and tells tiwari tat this servant can speak English and he is giving u bad words in English and tiwarii then says tat y cant u sasy in hindi and when he is about to says he drags him to kitchen and asks him to wash utencils and laddu then asks tiwari to let the servant later clean his room and comes saxena near window and asks tat have u hired a new servant and tiwari says yes and saxena says tat his servant is absent today so will u send ur servant and vibhuti gets angry and says tat I m not a Prasad like u r distributing it everywhere and then vibhuti gets so angry tat he slaps him and saxena leaves
Anita is wonsering wat have I made vibhuti do and her phone rangs and she picks it its her mother in law and says hello her motherinlaw asks how is she and where is khachedu(vibhuti) and anita says tat he is hone out for work and mother in law says tat please tell him to call me when he is back as I wanna talk to him and anita says ok she will tell vibhu and asks anita tat ya does she calls vibhu and y not vibhuti anita then asks y u call him khachedu and mother in law says tat I call him in love and anita also say tat even I call him in love and hungs up and mother in law again calls her and anita picks up and says hello hello and says tat she cant hear and hungs up
Anguri is sleeping and deepu mastana(vibhuti ) goes in the room to sweep and he stares at her she wakes up and asks who r u and he says tat he is the new servant deepu and anguri asks brother from where r u and he says tat please don’t call him brother as he is cursed tatany married women who calls him brother will make her husband paralysed and anguri says tat she wont and then asks from where r u and he says tat he is from darbanga and then says tat he is also blessed tat if a married woman calls him darling her husband will get longer life and anguri then calls him deepu darling and he gets happy listening to this and asks her to call him again and she calls her and comes in manmohan and asks deepu wat are u doing here and anguri says tat deepu darling was sweeping here and manmohan asks y r u calling himdarling and she tells tat he is blessed tat if a married woman calls him darling her husband will get a longer life and manmohan say stat wat nonsense this is all false and then comes in laddu and says tat inspector is here to see u and manmohan takes deepu along with him to see the police at his place
Manmohan and deepu go down and happu singh asks manmohan to repair his bell as it gave him shock and asks who is this tiwari says tat he is the new servant and happu sing asks wats his name and tiwari tells its deepu and inspector asks cant he speak and then he tells tat his name is deepu and happu inquires about where is he from and he tells from darbanga and asks fathers name he says teepu and asks mothers name he says it peepu and inspector jokes wat funny names are these and deepu says tat even ur name is happu y and then manmohan asks him to shut up and inspector asks for certificate to identify and he says tat it is all at his place in darbanga and then police tell tiwari tat he has to make noc
Vibhuti is seen comeing home and anita asks him so how was it and he says tat his body is paining he has worked so much and then says tat he will have to stop all this but anita says tat she really likes deepu and he is more handsome then the vibhuti and vibhuti says he is in a problem and tells wat happen at tiwaris house the inspector was asking for contact no but tiwari says tat he cant even buy a simcard how will he have a number to contact and his phone rangs and tiwari takes it and says tat its his phone he gavei t to him to keep it and picks up the call its anita on phone and he says tat he will send deepu in few minutes and then police say tat was it the bhabhiji from ur neighborhood and he says yes and and hapu sing says tat she is very beautifull and fair if she goes in dark u will not need to have a light there she is so much fair and manmohan says yes and vibhuti gets angry listening to this tat he slaps the inspector and then inspector asks tiwari to give him 5000 rs as the details are not known about this servant and tiwari says tat cant u make it less and inspector says tat then u come an register and FIR and tiwari goes and brings money and give it to him.
Anita then says to vibhuti tat this is getting very tough and then vibbhuti says wat will u tell the colony people even they will ask wat is happening and anita says ok u can change and back to normal but she will cal tat deepu mastana whenever she will miss him and vibhuti sighs and removes the moustaches and says tat these are so irritating and as soon as he relaxes he hears tat manmohan is on the door and he suddenly sits down to massage anitas legs and anita sees tat his moustaches are on the table and manmohan is coming in.

Anita comes in gallaery and calls vibhuti and they talk in sign language anita says I love u to him and and he replies tat he loves her too and manmohan sees it anita sends him a flying kiss and manmohan calls deepu in anger.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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