Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd September 2015 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, tiwari again starts practicing kung fu, anita comes in her balcony n starts cheering tiwari, vibhuti says I will make sure I will teach u a lesson come what may.vibhuti calls anguri n talks in changed voice n says I am here to order for lingerie, anguri calls tiwari n tells him someone is one phone ordering for 10 lakh lingerie pieces, tiwari gets excited n ask who is it, vibhuti in changed voice says get lost n in mean while changes fake tiles into real,tiwari goes back to balcony n practices kung fu n calls anita to show how he breaks the tiles, tiwari says this time I will break tiles with my head watch me, tiwari hits his head on the tiles and doesn’t rise up, anita asks whats wrong with him he didn’t even break tiles nor is he responding, vibhuti says

ignore lets go.
Anguri awakens tiwari n asks how did he hurt himself, tiwari says I was practicing kung fu n slipped but I hit my head why are my bums paining, anguri says I was getting u down n lost control n u slipped over the staircase sorry, anita comes n says tiwariji u were practicing kung fu but why didn’t those tiles break, anguri says why did u do so ladu ke bhaiya, tiwari says anguri go get anitaji some food, anguri leaves n anita says I am so happy to know u are Chinese too, tiwari says but why did u marry an Indian, anita says bcoz I am half Indian u see, tiwari says we two Chinese will go see a Chinese film, anita says sure someday but now how abt practicing with tube lights I will love to see that, anita gets a call from her mother in law and she leaves, tiwari says god she wants me to break tube lights.
Anguri acting as if cooking Chinese and waits for vibhuti to come, vibhuti gets Chinese, anguri says why such less, vibhuti says I could manage only this much, anguri says oh ladu ke bhaiya will be upset now, vibhuti says why always do u so care abt him its bcoz of him I will go bankrupt soon, anguri asks what, vibhuti says nothing, anguri leaves to receive a call, vibhuti says god this Chinese will soon drown me, vibhuti decides to complain abt tiwaris business n happu singhs bribe to another police station n unaware vibhu calls happu singh n complaints abt happu singh, happu singh realizes n sees vibhuti is on the phone, vibhuti says I am vibhuti n I want u to arrest that bribe person n tiwariji, happu singh says u called me vibhuti its me happu singh, vibhuti sees happu singh behind him n runs away.
Tiwari dressed as Chinese goes to anita n says lets go watch film, anita says let me call vibhu, tiwari says why him, anita says he is my husband n he will join us let me call him, anita tries to call him but vibhutis cell comes busy, tiwari says message him,anita says that’s good option,lets go, anita gets her moms call, hearing her news she gets shocked, anitas mom says she isn’t Chinese, and says tiwariji my mom just now told that I am half south african not Chinese bye now I have to inform all.
Anguri serves saxena noodles n says I made it plz tell how it is, saxena tastes it n starts shouting n says I like it, vibhuti comes n says bhabhiji why are u shouting did saxena trouble u, anguri says no no actually saxena shouted bcoz he loved my Chinese u taste it too, vibhuti says sure n tastes n says its awesome yummy,tiwari joins them n says no more Chinese business now, anguri asks but why, tiwari says bcoz now onwards we will make African dishes.
Anitas mom on phone, anita says how is it that I am fair n grand parents African, anita sees a guy dressed as African with black skin n shouts, the guy is tiwariji.

Precap: tiwari gets a vase for anita n vibhu breaks it by mistake, tiwari says u how could u do this, vibhuti says plz I will get u a new one, tiwari says if u can get it by ur own money n not bhabhijis, vibhuti working to get money.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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