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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vibhuti shouting n going n hitting a man who is in helmet. He hits him n then asks phulan devi that whether she is fine. She hits him n says he is my future husband n u mad person wait now i ll tell anita. He says i m sorry. She goes with her fiancee on bike n says that i ll tell anita. Angoori says god knows what is he doing b goes from there. He says sorry. Malkhan comes on bike n looks here n there n asks where is sge now whom should i eve-tease. Vibhuti slaps him n asks him to drop him. At night, vibhuti is sitting on the bed n anita comes from washroom n calls him n says lets romance. He says i dont touch any other woman n its sin n dont put obstacle in my tapasya. Angoori there tells tiwari lets romance. He says i have to do work n she says this is not time

to work but romance. He says dont disturb me. Anita n angoori get irritated n go to the window. A man plays radio n the song starts aao na gale lagao na. They both try to lure their husbands but they dont even respond to this. Anita n angoori go ti the window n get a bit embarassed n angoori says dint shr slewp yet. Sge says good night n goes. Anuta says i am sleeping n even if u say i wont romance with u. Angoori also sleeps n tiwari says u might have got tired by dancing i ll massage your legs. She says dont do a paap. He says no i am not doing any paap n just serving you. Next day morning, angoori calls ammaji n tells her that tiwari is running away from her. She says even her father in law runs from her. Angoori says but she is old. Ammaji says i m not old yet n angoori says ok n keeps the phone. Vibhuti comes n calls out to laddu as laddu beta. He says that take this prasad n gives him. Laddu says that how is ganga flowing in wrong direction. Vibhuti says ganga doesnt flow in wrong direction. Laddu taunts him that dont change so much that anita goes from u n saying so laddu goes from there. Angoori sits down n vibhuti gets up, she gets up n he sits n this goes on. She says whats going on. What are u doing. He adresses her as devi n says take this prasad n goes. Anita is talking on the phone with her friend n says she has got irritated with vibhuti’s this behaviour. Tiwari comes out singing lord ram’s bhajan’s n stops n anita says wow tiwari n he says he likes ram’s bhajan so he sings it. A old man comes n saxena is disguised as an old man n says to tiwari that thank u my lord u are very nice. Anita asks why is he saying so. Tiwari says because i have named my both the kidneys on his name. Anita says then how come u are alive. He says i have named it after i die. She says use your common sense he us old now n u wont die before him n goes. Tiwari says to saxena u go this plan has flopped n saxena says i want your kidney. Tiwari slaps him n he goes n saxena says i like it. Vibhuti has called doctor n as anita comes he says that i want to donate my body organs n everything . Anita says why vibhuti. He says for a good cause so that it helps people. She gets impressed. The doctor says why did u call me here then. You should have called me up n told on phone. Vibhuti says that as it what work do you do in clinic. Doctor goes. Anita tells vibhuti that its her friend julie’s 3rd wedding in a 5 star hotel so they should go. He says u go i cant come n get food for me i ll give some to beggars. The episode ends.

Precap:- Tiwari tells saxena to go n not ruin his plan by asking for kidney. Anita n angoori talk to each other that what should they do to get their husbands back to normal. Angoori gets a idea.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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