Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Vibhu in the bedroom with anguri in his bed. And Tiwari with Anita in his bed. They are romancing on the song darling, anko de anke pyaar Karne do. In the street, happy Singh prem Tula mall jam and gulfam kali are dancing. Tiwari removes the cotton from pillows and showers on Anita. Anita is dancing and there anguri blushes and takes her slipper and gives to Vibhu and makes a kiss sign. Vibhu kisses the slipper. Suddenly it’s a dream and Vibhu is kissing his slippers. Anita wakes up and is shocked to see this. Tiwari there is also dreaming and actually tearing pillows in dreams. Anguri sees Tiwari and wakes him up. Tiwari wakes up. There Vibhu sees he is kissing slippers. Anita says when you have a beautiful wife why do you kiss slippers? Vibhu says I was just

cleaning the dust. Vibhu goes and says I will come in sometime. Anita says you broke my sleep, you know how to make me sleep again. Vibhu says okay. Tiwari tells anguri to sleep and he will be back. Tiwari comes in balcony and Vibhu goes in his balcony. They see each other and Tiwari says what are you doing? Vibhu says I had a beautiful dream. Tiwari says even I had a sweet dream, by beautiful I remembered how is Anita? Vibhu looks at Tiwari and says by sweet I remember how is anguri? Both look at each other.
Next day in lawn Anita anguri and Tiwari are there and Tiwari says Anita you have maintained your body. Anita says yes because I don’t eat oily food and you do. Vibhu comes with breakfast and gives everyone coffee. They drink coffee and talk. In auto Gulfam kali comes. Tiwari says Vibhu she came to meet you. Vibhu says shut up. Gulfam says I have fallen in love. Tiwari says she must have fallen in love with Vibhu only. Vibhu says why don’t you shut up? Anita says so what do we do? Gulfam says I love a man but he is not from them. Anita anguri say nice that’s great. Gulfam says it’s a man named Zoravar and he is from a goon family, his father is a very big goon of Chambal village. Anita and anguri say what do we do in that? Gulfam says that his father wants his sons marriage done in a robber family only and i said my brothers are famous robbers. Vibhu and Tiwari say so? Gulfam says I need your help and need you all to be my family and you both to be my brothers because I don’t have any family. Vibhu and Tiwari say not at all, we are not going to be robbers. Anita says it is odd for us to help you. Gulfam says please I don’t have any family and this is my chance to get married otherwise I will have to stay like that forever, I love zoravar a lot. Anita anguri say okay and say Vibhu and Tiwari we have to help her. Vibhu Tiwari finally say okay.
At tea stall prem and happu Singh are there and prem says Gulfam kali is getting married, my love is going, from where do I see her again now? Prem cries and happy says I am so sad I would have taken care of Gulfam kali. Gulfam kali comes and sits and says even I am a human being I want to get married and have kids. Happu says I would have done that. Everyone look at him and then he says I mean I would have taken you to orphanage and got you a child. Gulfam says it’s okay but for all my fans and lovers today I will be doing a last program so be there tonight and after that I will never do a program after that.
At home Tiwari says why did we have to help Gulfam only? Anguri says she is also a human and we should help her. Vibhu says but why Gulfam? Anita says now shut up and we will help her, she also needs to marry and it’s good for us only, she will leave your backs. Anguri says are they both having an affair with Gulfam? Is it why they are denying? Tiwari says shut up, always doubting us. Okay we will be her brothers. Anita says good you both will pick her doli. Vibhu says we now need to bring the costume. Anita says guns too. Tiwari says so that also we have to bring.
At night Anita is talking to Meenal and says we are at advantage and Gulfam kali will leave Tiwari and Vibhu backs. Anita says no they don’t look at her but who knows as they are men and their hearts will melt. Anita then keeps the phone. Vibhu comes with costume and keeps it. Anita says so you bought it? Vibhu says I had to search in so many shops but then took cloth instead and I went to a tailor and got my dress made. Anita says it’s common sense that you won’t get a robber costume anywhere. Vibhu says even the barber thought I was a robber and asked me are you from chambal? Do I look like Chambal robber? I am very educated. Anita says okay I know. Anita gets a phone call and it’s Gulfam kali, she says zoravar said how many horses her brother had? Anita says from where to bring horse now?

Precap: Vibhu and Tiwari stand as robber brothers with Tika and Malkhan as robbers too. Vibhu says we are renowned robbers of the jungle. Zoravar looks at a donkey and says is that a horse?

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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