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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with anita asking vibhu when is your friend babhuta builder coming? Vibhu says anytime now. The bell rings. Vibhu opens and hugs the man. Its tiwari. Vibhu says oh my friend you came. Tiwari says yes i came. Vibhu says ohh its you and this welcome was not for you. Anita says i called tiwari ji for dinner. Tiwari comes in. Then he says hello to anita. At the door babhuta comes. Vibhu goes and hugs him and brings him in. Vibhu introduces anita to him. Babhuta looks at her and says wow you are very beautiful. Then babhuta puts hand forward but anita says namaste. Tiwari puts hand forward but babhuta says hello. Tiwari says i am a business man. They all sit and babhuta tells anita to sit beside his chair. Anita sits. Babhuta is looking at anita continously as tiwari and vibhu

look at him. Tiwari tells his friend works at your company. Babhuta says ok. Vibhu asks babhuta if he wants anything. Babhuta says he wants bhabhiji. Tiwari and vibhu are shocked. Babhuta says i want anything that bhabhiji will give. Vibhu says i will bring drinks. Babhuta says that today he is in a mood and looks at anita. Vibhu goes. Babhuta tells tiwari also to go and help vibhu. tiwari says he is fine. Babhuta says go now. Tiwari goes. Babhuta tells anita she is beautiful and when is she free? Anita says wait i will go and help them. At the dinner table. Babhuta says the food was tasty and then asks anita what time does she go for grooming classes. Everyone look at each other. Anita says there is no particular time. Babhuta says still. Anita says anyways she will go and sleep as she has to go tomorrow. Anita goes. Babhuta asks vibhu still what time will anita go. Vibhu says somewhere 9 or 9.30. Babhuta says i will put a reminder and send a car to take her. Then vibhu says so you can go and babhuta says i will go and you have become my best friend. Babhuta goes.
Next day anita is ready to go. Vibhu brings breakfast.
There at home mom hits tiwari. Tiwari says when did you come? Mom says now and even laddo is there. Mom then asks tiwari what do u keep on saying bhabhiji at night? And what are you doing nowadays. Tiwari says who bhabhiji? And who told u. Tilu comes and says namaste and then tells see mom he does this all night and then huts me. Mom says anyway when angoori will come you will be back to your character. Tiwari hits tilu with slipper. Mom hits tiwari and says dont hit him and go and bring milk. Tiwari is angry but goes and laddo and tilu also say bring milk.
There at home anita says i have to go. Bell rings. Vibhu says it must be that useless tiwari. He opens the door. Babhuta comes in and sits and says oh hello bhabhiji. Vibhu even he is there. Babuta says oh hi and then tells anita that he will leave her in his car. Anita says no she is fine and will go by auto. Babhuta says no i have acar and i will leave you. Anita says no its ok. Babhuta says i know my friend vibhu cant buy you a car then instead i will gift you a car. Tiwari comes in. Babhuta saya gte out and see if any child hits my expensive car and go. Tiwari goes away. Anita says oh my head is paining and she goes. Vibhu tells babhuta that she will not go now and you go. Babhuta says when she is fine tell me and give her my number. Vibhu is feeling angry.
Vibhu is outside looking at anguris room. He thinks when will anguri come and i am missing you and then says yes anguri will surely come and patience is a must. Then he sees a woman combing her hair in the room and vibhu thinks its anguri and he climbs the stairs and calls bhabhiji and then removes the curtains. He sees its tiwaris mom. Mom looks at vibhu. Vibhu is scarecand cries.

Precap: anita is speaking to babhuta on the phone and says i want to meet you. Vibhu listens secretly and cries.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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