Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd June 2018 Written Episode Update Vibhu turns maid.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

aanu removes all clothes from her wadrobe, Vibhu asks why these,anu says they will be washed by you,vibhu says i washed them a month back,anu says thats what they are washed month back,so you will have to wash them, Vibhu says let’s do a thing hire a maid,i will join some work and will pay the salary to maid,anu says ok i have no issues but its hard to find maid so till then get done with this.

angoori in kitchen cooking, Vibhu comes at window and greets her,angoori says today im cooking with catch spices, Vibhu says great but you look a little upset,angoori says not upset just tired and all the stuff i do alone so you know, Vibhu says why work alone ask Tiwari to help,angoori says oh c’mon he works so hard, Vibhu says he just fools people, Tiwari walks in and says what nonsense

did you sense,vibhu says i said you use her like a robot and make her work all day, Tiwari says you are crossing lines, Vibhu says I will because she is unwell,angoori says no im just feeling dizzy, Tiwari says tell me then not unknown people and vibhu find maid for her, Saxena comes and says find one for me too,vibhu slaps him.

Gupta and boys at tea stall,boys say help us with a cup of tea too, Gupta says why me and today if i do who will help tomorrow,tikka says we will manage, Gupta says manage today as well then and leaves.tilu says when will poverty end,tikka and tilu pray send some angel to help us, Vibhu walks to them,tilu says will you help us, Vibhu says yes I will, Malkan says give us 10000 then, Vibhu says why not and slaps them and says i have work and that will help you earn,tilu asks whats the work,vibhu gives them money and says buy clothes,tikka says suit,vibhu says no buy ladies wear and dont forget fruits,tikka says this job looks suspicious,vibhu says not at all.

tiwari walks in mishra House and greets anita,anita asks how come here,happu walks in,anita says just what is was waiting for; please come in,happu greets her,aanu says you dont look good, happu says my maid is on off and so have to help my wife, Tiwari says I’m in same mess angoori has sprain in her leg,anu says how can I help then, Tiwari says lend us vibhuti,happu says i was here for same i need him first, both start arguing,aanu says how dare you two think of it.

boys asks vibhu what to do with this stuff now, what’s the work,vibhu says you have to be a maid,tilu asks why is it, Vibhu says Kanpur and whole world needs maid, a maid earns 20000 a day,its a most demanding business, boys says we agree,just tell us what to do, Vibhu says basic training and you will be done,its begins with able to act that you can work,and always talk ill about boss and woe him too, Vibhu trains them.

aanu on call with Meenal,prem walks in,prem says here are sweets for you,aanu asks any good news,did your wife go home,prem says never she will go,the news is i have opened an agency of maids.

prem says my websites called,aanu says it sounds vulgar, your job is good find a good name but,prem says okay meet my maids and calls them in,boys dressed as maid walk in.anu looks at them and says these, Prem says theres one more,vibhu walks in dressed as maid.

pre cap: aanu asks whats your name,vibhu says basanti.amaji calls angoori and says for his well being tiwrai has to molest a maid, Tiwari tries to woe basanti

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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