Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd June 2016 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

the episode starts with vibhu as rj rocky on radio chirand. he starts talking and then puts an old song. tiwari there tells anguri that rj maddy went and now who is this guy? anguri says he is rj rocky and he too is very good and you also listen. vibhu on radio now tells he will answer to questions. tilu calls first and asks rj rocky that how will he get all his salary at once. vibhu says yes i know you and your boss doesnt give you money. vibhu tells tilu that take a hockey stick this time. there tilu is happy and tiwari is scared.
at home next day vibhu comes down in the morning. anita asks him where was he last night? vibhu says with prem as he had a fight with his wife and so he went there to make things straight between them. anita says what are you a laweyer and first take a job

and why is he unemployed? vibhu says stop saying all this. anita says go and bring a coffee for me. vibhu goes.
anguri is working in the kitchen and vibhu comes. he tells that he is a fan of the new rj and whats his name? anguri says it rj rocky. vibhu says oh yes and he is very goo. anguri says yes i like him and his voice and he is better than rj maddy. vibhu says does she want him to take her name and i can tell someone in radio chirand to take your name. anguri says yes.
at home anita is speaking with meenal and she tells her that vibhu is useless and goes out everyday at night and he doesnt do any work and i am fed up. tiwari comes. anita keeps phone and tiwari says what happened to you and why are you sad and your sweet tigress face is sad today. anita says what do u mean and i am not a tigress and a tigress even has hair on her face and do i have? tiwari says he didnt want to say that. anita says then what and a tigress scares people and i scare people? tiwari says no i did not mean thta. anita scolds tiwari. tiwari is sad and goes home saying sorry. anita says what did i do and i removed vibhus anger on tiwari.
at home tiwari tells anguri to go upstairs and close the window or else tilu will come. anguri goes. the door is knocked and tiwari thinks its tilu. tiwari says in anguris voice that who is it? tilu understands and says in saxeans voice that its saxena and he found a 10k rs bundle on road and is it his or should he take it. tiwari opens door on excitement and says yes its mine and sees it tilu. tilu has the hockey stick and he tells tiwari to give all his salary or else he will bash him up. tiwari gives him 1000rs and says now he has only this and take it and he will give him salary in installments. tilu says yes and okay then and bring breakfast for me. tiwari calls anguri and tells her to bring parathas for him.
at night again vibhu is ready to go but anita catches him and says where is he going? vibhu says for prems birthday. anita says what and dont lie and why are you wearing pyjamas? vibhu says actually its his theme and so he is wearing it. vibhu goes. anita calls prem and asks him that is it his birthday today. as prem was sleeping he thinks vibhu must have said this so lets save him. prem says yes it is his birthday and he has called vibhu. anita asks then why isnt there any noise of music? prem says its a silent party. anita says okay and keeps phone and says i know all vibhus friends are lying.
at tea stall happu and tika are there. happu tells tiwari that his friend was in love with his neighborhood bhabhiji and he asked rj rocky for suggestion as to how he should get her into loving him? rj rocky gave an awesome solution and it happened. tiwari smiles and says in mind that he too will ask rj rocky such a question for anita.

precap: at home tiwari and anguri tell anita and vibhu that tika has done suicide and its all because of that rj rocky. anita is scared and looks at vibhu.precap: at home tiwari and anguri tell anita and vibhu that tika has done suicide and its all because of that rj rocky. anita is scared and looks at vibhu.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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    This show is a stupid joke. Two grown married men dreaming for eachothers wives.. how disgusting and stupid. Remove this shit from t.v and put a more sensible show please !!

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