Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd June 2015 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,tiwari asks wat happen abhabhiji and anita shouts y u came out do u want to sread the chicken ox to everyone and tiwari says tat I m bored alone here so thought of seeing u once and anita shouts pls go inside and tiwari goes in and says tat bhabhiji is behaving like I m infectious later vibhuti goes to meet anguri with two film tickets and thinks tat this is the perfect timing to take anguri to movie and thinks how should he convince her and then he calls anguri and she comes and says tat I was waiting for u I have made samosas for him will u pls give him and vihbuti says yes and anguri goes in and then he says tat anguri gave him and idea and then he takes the plate of samosas and goes upstairs anguri then goes in kitchen she calls amaji and tells her tat tiwari has

got chicken pox and amaji asks anguri to stay away from him and anguri asks wat did u do when u got chicken pox amaji tells I was locked in the room for a week and then asks her to lock tiwari in the room for 1 week and hungs up
Vibhuti comes down and says to anguri tat tiwari asked a favor and she asks wat and he tells tat he has planned to take u to movie but now he could not so he asked me actually requested me to take u to a movie and anguri says wat I cant go witout him and vibhuti says tat yes tiwari said she wont so he asked me to give her promise by my name and anguri then says ok vibhuti says to anguri tat we will have pani puri, jalebi and then movie and while he locks door there comes vibhutis mother and she hugs him and says tat she missed him a lot and slaps him in affection and then asks him to take her home and y is anita so fat and vibhuti tells pls wear ur spectacles she is anguri bhabhi and not anita ok she says Namaste to vibhutis mother and then vibhuti asks his mother to go home and he will come after doing one work and she says ur mom came to meet u and u r going and then she asks where and anguri was about to tell and vibhuti lies tat we were going to bring medicines for tiwari our neighbor as he is infected with chicken pox anguri then says to vibhuti its ok u go and vibhuti takes his mother in and he rings the bell.
Anita casually opens the door and seeing her mother in law she screams loudly and she comes in and sits on the couch and asks anita tat y did she shouted and anita says tat she was surprised to see u so she shouted and her mother in law says u screamed like u saw and ghost and anita says no no and vibhuti says tat mom actually anita was missing u from morning and she gives look to vibhuti and then vibhutis mother say tat have forget ur sanskars and anita says no and touches her feet and her mother in law makes her sit beside her and says tat I really missed u and even she says she also missed her and then anita says tat she has her grooming class and makes vibhuti sit with his mother vibhuti says tat he will back in sometime but she asks him to sit with her and asks does anita takes care of u and vibhuti says I cook for her and she says wat and he says I like cooking so I do it and then he says to his mother tat in our colony there is a infection of chicken pox if u get the infection u look like a cartoon and she really gets scared and she says tat she will leave now nd be back when the infection is gone.
Vibhuti says tat anita may tease u and vibhutis mother says tat better I leave and anita comes down she gets happy seeing tat her mother in law is leaving and she acts like she misses her and asks her to stay for 2 days and she says if u insist I will stay tonight and vibhuti tease his mother and she says no I will leave and she asks vibhuti drop her till rickshaw and goes ahead and anita thanx vibhuti for making her mother leave and vibhuti says to anita tat u don’t have to wait for me dinner I will have it outside and anita says ok ok and as soon as his mother leaves he goes to anguri and asks her to get ready we don’t have to miss the start of movie and anguri says I m not feeling ok as tiwari is not well and vibhuti says tat have u forgotten the promise he gave and she says tat ok I will bring my purse vibhuti thinks tat I should leave before someone comes and amaji comes in rickshaw with pela and calls anguri out anguri gets excited and comes running and hugs her and says tat see wat happen to tiwari and amaji calms her down and vibhuti get upset seeing all this and smiles seeing at pela.

Hapu singh says tat there has been a robbery in the near by area and anita asks then y r u here I m not the police commissioner tat u r here to take permission from me and happu singh says I m here to tell u tat the same night tika and his friends saw vibhuti with a ladder and anita thinks wat is he saying.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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