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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,at night tiwari is upset tat he could not cook pakodas for anita he then calls anguri and she comes and asks wat happen and he tells something was supposed to happen didn’t happen and anguri says u are not taking the seriously about the baby and tiwari says I m not talking about the baby go bring dinner for him and she then says ok and sings a song which means my sweetheart feeding pakodas to my neighbor and she goes in but tiwari stops her and asks y was she singing this song does she wanted to say me something and anguri says no this is a folk song from my state and then he tickles her and she laughs and says tat u have to wait for dinner as I don’t know how but the onions are finished I wonder where did they go and then anguri says ladu said tat u were cutting

onions and tiwari says tat I was helping u and u r doubting me and then anguri says tat she has sent tilu to bring some after tat I will serve u lunch and then anguri goes in and tiwari listens the thundering and then removes the plate filled with onions and starts cutting for making pakodas
Vibhuti is suffering with fever and cold and then he sees his temperature and says its really bad tat I m suffering and cant get wet in rains and then he hears thunders and gets up to go in rain anita comes sees it and forces him to stay in bed and locks the door she then sees its raining and sees tat anguri is dancing rains and she then tells vibhuti tat anguri is dancing in rains and says how can people get wet in rains its ridiculous and vibhuti cries and shouts her to open door but she leaves vibhuti cries tat he wants to see bhabhiji dancing but no one opens door
Anita is enjoying rains standing in a window and comes tiwari with pakodas and asks anita to have it and anita says tat I cant eat pakodas and tiwari asks y and then she tells tat she has been to her dietician and she has asked her not to touch any food item which is fried and tiwari says tat u don’t touch I will feed u and anita says pls tiwari I cant eat this this has too much calories and asks him to wait and she will bring tea for him and goes in and tiwari in anger eats the pakodas and gets really upset
Anguri is watering plants in the morning and comes vibhuti she asks him how is he and he says fine and then he also asks how is she and she says fine anguri then tells tat tiwari has planned to buy a car and vibhuti he must be talking about buying a bullock cart and anguri says no pls don’t talk about him like tat he is going to buy a car with an engine and comes saxena and seeing him dressed different anguri asks him where are u going and saxena says tat I m going to England for trip and vibhuti laughs and says tat have u been rejected from mental hospital so u r going there and when did u get so much money from and saxena says tat u don’t know how rich I m and says tat I have one crore in my bank account and vibhuti keeps mute and he leaves and waves good bye and anguri also goes in and vibhuti also leaves
Anita gets a phone call and she says yes I m vibhuti mishras wife and the caller says tat I m Jai prakash halwai and vibhuti has to pay the dues of rs2000 and she asks y so much money wat has vibhuti purchased from u and he tells tat he used to take mithais from our shop and then she says I will send it and hungs up and then says tat vibhuti is crazy y did he should have purchased sweets of 2000rs and then she gets another call and its from Glamor sarees and he says tat vibhuti has to pay 10000rs he has purchased saree from her and then she says ok I will send the money and hungs up and then thinks she needs to talk to vibhuti about this and same time vibhuti comes in and sits relaxed on sofa and when he looks at anita het sit descent and asks wat happen and anita asks y did u purchased sweets from the sweet shop and vibhuti says u always wanted something sweet after food so I used to bring from him as I cant make it and then anita says u r an employed person I haven’t seen u sell even a single policy how are u going to pay this money and vibhuti says don’t worry god will help us and anita says this is very wrong vibhuti and bell rangs and the man enter and introduces him as Advocate gupta I m here from hakimpur from ur mamaji and then anita says u must have taken loan from him and he has sent lawyer to get the money back and then the advocate says tat listen completely tat ur mamaji is dead and vibhuti cries oh god and then the advocate says tat before he died he has allocated his property of 25 crore on ur name and then vibhuti and anita shout in happiness and excitement and seeing this advocate says tat I have never seen people showing their respects to an dead persona nd then anita and vibhuti settle down and then vihbuti asks anita to cook his favourite food Aloo matar paneer for him he will be back and takes advocate out while anita says tat vibhuti seems changed as soon as he heard tat he is rich
Tiwari is counting money and then asks anguri to keep this 50000rs safely and comes vibhuti and says tat u r asking to keep it safe like its one crore ruppes and tiwari say stat see who is talking someone who doesn’t earn a single penny who is unemployed and Advocate gupta comes to tiwaris house and asks who is vibhuti mishra and tiwari and anguri point towards vibhuti the advocate then tells him tat I went to ur house and I got to know tat u r here so I came here and then tiwari asks y r u here and he tells tat vibhuti is now a crorepati and tiwari says wat and advocate tells him tat his mamji has handed his 25 crore to him and bhabhiji then congratulates vibhuti and she asks even after this news u r so calm and vibhuti says tat I m a simple man not like others and then the advocate asks him to lets go to make the further procedures and vibhuti then leaves while anguri ask tiwari u should be happy for him and then he angrily asks her to go and do ur work and he gets very angry at it tiwari then goes to meet anita and then he sees tat she is talking on phone with her friend saying tat wat happen if we become rich we r still friends I was planning to buy a car she then sees tiwari and asks him to come and sit and she talks tat u suggest which car should I take she suggest audi and anita says tat audi is common now but vibhuti says tat we should buy justin martin which costs 1 crore and tiwari listens all this and tiwari in his mind says tat bhabhiji will look princess but he will still look like a driver

Tiwari calls his mausaji and enquires how is he and asks are u alive and says don’t give bad words and later vibhuti is sitting inhis bedroom and talking on phone to book the kabbadi team of Kanpur for 1 crore anita looks at him surprised while vibhuti says tat 1 crore is just like peanuts for me.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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